Surprises, Kayaking & An Upset Stomach |Weekend Recap

I hope you had an amazing weekend and were able to do whatever it is you had planned. Cheers to weekends 🥂

I usually include Fridays in my weekend recaps and this one is no different. It started out a little odd because I worked half a day in the afternoon. Its a little rough going into work later on a Friday but it was a good day and I got lots accomplished. Dinner was an amazing salad from a local pizza place. Buffalo chicken salad and I now want to make my own.

Buffalo chicken salad

Saturday morning like every other week was weigh in time. I woke up cranky and just not feeling anything. I was surprised when she told me I was down another pound. I was surprised because the past few weekends I wasn’t doing well and then I’m trying to make up for it during the week. Feels like I’m chasing my tail. I really thought I was going to be the same weight. But here I am 0.4 ounces away from hitting a 20 pound weight loss. I can’t wait and have worked so hard up till this point, so let’s do it 💪

Later in the morning I met up with my friend and we went kayaking! It was my first time and it was so fun. Definitely, will be doing it again very soon. Also, what a good workout! We then grabbed some coffee and food. I then came home and took a nap for a few hours. I was exhausted! When I woke up though I wasn’t feeling so good. My stomach went to trash. I had so much pain and I am pretty sure I hit that 20 pounds considering how sick I got. The rest of the day was filled with eating saltine crackers ginger ale and laying around. I went to sleep early and have been feeling a little wiped out every since.

Lotus flower
Local Cafe
Fresh fruit and chocolate muffin

Sunday we went grocery shopping and did errands. I wanted to go to Ulta and replenish on my favorite mascara, Lancome Idole, and grab a bottle of my conditioner, Redkin extreme, but they open so late and I really didn’t want to spend the money. So instead, I went to Target and decided to try a L’oreal mascara and primer. I’ve never tried a lash primer and have been wanting to. I also picked up a different conditioner that I love Herbel Essence Hello Hydration. When I got home I realized I already had a full bottle of the conditioner 🙄 Lesson of the day: check your stock before you buy. I also grabbed a new nail buffer. The rest of the day will be for relaxing and prepping for the week.

How was your weekend? Did you do or try anything new and exciting?

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