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Every once in a while, it is a good idea to step back and reassess the items you own. I have recently done this with my shoe collection. I would never categorize myself as a minimalist and every person has their own terminology for the word minimalist. So I went through my closet and tried every pair of shoes I have on and took a photo. Give it a try and you will be amazed at how much you own. Years ago I decided I will only purchase clothing in neutral colors and the same pretty much for my shoes. Many of these shoes I have had for years. I have been trying to resist buying new shoes just because they are trendy or I think I need them.

So what is my grand total for shoes? 21 pairs! Okay, definitely not a minimalist collection in my mind! It is a lot of shoes and many have been around for a long time. Out of the 21 pairs of shoes, there is a pair of slippers and 5 pairs of work shoes. What do you think? Is this a lot of shoes or would you consider this minimalist? According to Google, the average man owns 12 pairs and women averages 27 pairs.

So there are 5 pairs that I use for work and a pair of slippers. So what about the rest? What about you? Do you know how many pairs of shoes you own? Count them and leave me a comment!

Ballet Flats. I do not wear these often but when I do they are usually for work interviews or a casual event. Not too long ago I purchased a black pair of flats because my other pair was falling apart. I have yet to wear them.

Sandals. I own two pairs of flip flops which I never wear unless I am at the beach. I also own a white pair of sandals which are my go to if I want to wear a sandal. Then there are the wedge sandals I purchased about 1-2 years ago. They were trendy at the time and I wanted them… sadly, I have never worn them but I do plan on keeping them.

Boots. I have three pairs of boots. One for snow, one that is black that I generally gravitate towards in the fall and then a pair of booties for casual events.

Sneakers. I tend to throw many shoes into this category so this would be the largest one. I own multiple pairs of sneaker like shoes. Many are slip on casual shoes that I can wear everyday. I also have a pair of Kate Spade Keds that are pink and glitter. These are the first and only shoe I have ever fallen in love with! I need to wear them more often.

Work Shoe Collection

Boots Shoe Collection

Sandals Shoe Collection

Ballet Flats Shoe Collection

Heels Shoe Collection

Not much going on in the heel section. I am not a heel person and would choose flats over heels any day of the week.

Sneakers/Slip On Shoe Collection

Slipper Shoe Collection

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