July 4th, Long Weekends, Family & Content Creation| Weekend Recap

You can not complain when you have a holiday weekend and an extended weekend to add to it! It turned out really nice for me and I had 4 days offs this weekend! No complaints here! My weekend was filled with lots of food, family, blogging and relaxing. Did I mention food?

Friday was the start of my weekend and I used that day to get ahead with my content creation and mark off some of my monthly goals. You may have missed my blog post where I shared some of the goals. One of my goals is to take two SEO courses which I have started. I found a free course on Udemy and have started that. Another goal of mines is to practice getting comfortable in front of the camera and learning how to pose. I have always been slightly uncomfortable when I am getting my picture taken and I want to step outside of the box and my comfort zone. I want to take my tripod and phone and go out solo and do mini photo shoots. That is exactly what I did Friday. I am not going to share the photos just yet because I have them for a separate post. All I can say is I did it and I love the way they came out. I felt like a badass! I also have been keeping track of locations I want to use by logging the into my phone for future shoots.

Setting Goals & Free Printable Monthly and Weekly Goal Sheets

About to conquer some photos

Friday after my husband got home from work we decided to go get some paint samples because we need to touch up our bedroom. Unfortunately, the place we went to could not make us samples. So that did not work. We then were naughty and went to Freddy’s and I got some fries and a chicken sandwich lettuce wrap. I love their food!


The rest of the evening was spent relaxing, crocheting and sipping on wine. I really cherish these moments with my little family.

Crocheting a blanket

Saturday was an interesting day with the weather. It started out nice but then it would downpour in certain areas and then clear up again. The day started like my typical Saturdays. My husband went with me to my weigh in. I was down 0.2 ounces but after the way I ate this weekend I will probably be up at my next weigh in. Either way I am happy with my progress.

After my weigh in we went and grabbed some breakfast. If we go out to breakfast I usually get scrambled eggs and a fruit bowl. This time I decided to get scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and whole wheat bread with no butter. I think I am use to the dryness and bland taste of whole wheat products. They are actually starting to taste good to me.

Saturday Breakfast

We spent the rest of the morning running errands and grocery shopping. I picked up some more yarn for my blanket. We also stopped and grabbed some Starbucks. I got a grande sweet cream cold brew (6 pts) and it was so yummy. My diet went out the door this weekend! No regrets! We also picked up some sparklers for the weekend to use at our house and my in laws house. Saturday we also got caught in the rain at the store. It was pouring and we decided to make a run for it. You can see the results below but it was honestly so fun running through the rain with my husband. It’s those small moments that really make my memories. We were laughing and having such a good time in those few minutes.

I could go on forever with this post because we did so much. But the rest of the weekend was filled with Millie snuggles, family time, more food and relaxing. My husband collects change so we decided to arrange and put them in money holders. My hands were filthy afterwards. Money is so dirty. We had a BBQ at my husbands mom house; which is always a blast and we are even planning a family trip. I got to Skype with my mom and sister who I will get to finally see at the end of the month. Miss you guys so much! Saturday night, which was July 4th, my husband and I watched fireworks from our home. Now here we are and it is Monday. I am relaxing today and will be heading to Costco with my in laws. We love us some Costco!

I am doing a photo dump below of my weekend! I hope you have an amazing weekend! I hope you got to spend time with loved ones and cherish these short moments we have together!

Starbucks Iced Coffee
Millie Snuggles
Counting Coins
Dirty Hands From Coins
Saturday Night Drinks
4th of July
Premier Protein Heaven at Costco

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