Setting Goals & Free Printable Monthly and Weekly Goal Sheets

What goals have you set for yourself this year? How are you tracking these goals and prioritizing them? Whether your goals are personal, financial or you may be a blogger and want to set some goals. You need to have a plan and then put that plan into action.

I am proud to say that in 2020, I made a goal to start blogging consistently and I was able to meet that goal. I made it a priority to blog at least twice a week and I think I did a pretty good job at it. Since sticking to that goal I have seen an increase in my blog followers and views. So, for the month of July I have decided it is time to make some new goals and keep track of those goals. Today, I am going to share my goals with you and share a free printable I have created to help me stay on track and also help you with your goals!

Let’s start with making SMART goals. SMART goals are goals created using criteria that makes your goals attainable. It provides a framework for you to use to build measurable goals, track your progress and accomplish them so you can be successful. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Specific: Make your goal well defined and clear. The more specific the goal the greater the chance of accomplishing the goal.
For example, instead of saying “I want to save money.” A more specific goal is “I want to save $5,000 dollars.”

Measurable: There needs to be criteria for measuring progress. If you have no criteria then you will not be able to determine your progress. What is the indicator of progress? How much? How long? How do you know when you reached your goal?
For example, using the same goal above. “I want to save $5,000 dollars. Every month I will aim to save an extra $200 and put it into my savings account.”

Achievable: The goal needs to be achievable and attainable. Make sure you are able to achieve your goal. The goal should be a challenge but you need to have it defined so you can reach it. How are you going to meet the goal? Do you have the resources available and the capacity to achieve the goal?

Realistic: Ask yourself if the goal is realistic and within your reach? Are you able to commit to reaching the goal? Do you believe you can achieve this goal? Do not set yourself up for failure. Make sure the goal is something you can truly commit to and make it a priority.

Timely: A SMART goal needs to have a time frame. Meaning it has to have a start and finish date. If your goal lacks a time frame then there will be less motivation to achieve the goal. Does your goal have a deadline? By what date to you want to accomplish this goal?
For example, “I want to save $5,000 dollars by June of next year. To accomplish this goal every month I will aim to save an extra $200 and put it into my savings account. I will track it into a log and keep the totals tracked every month.”

Now that you know how SMART goals work you can set a plan into action. To get you started I have created a monthly and weekly goal sheet for you to download and print. They are available for blog, financial, personal and can be used for any and all goals your have. They are simple, cute and realistic sheets you can use to start accomplishing those goals. Download by clicking on the text below the image.

Here are my blog goals for the month of July. I will be using the sheets I created and track my progress. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and on the blog to see my progress.

Blog Goals:
Goal #1 Take two SEO courses online. The first class is to be completed by July 15th and the second by July 30th. I already have a course I downloaded on Udemy and that will be my first course.

Goals #2 Practice getting comfortable in front of the camera and learning how to pose. This is to be done three times in the month of July. I will pick an outfit, prop, location and have a photo shoot. I am very uncomfortable in front of the camera and I want to get out of that comfort zone and try new things and get some awesome photos for my blog.

Goal #3 Keep a blog schedule and plan ahead. I will make sure I have at least two weeks of content pre-planned for the blog. This way I am not scraping for ideas.

I hope you found this post helpful! Leave any goals you have in the comments below and lets cheer each other on! Whatever your goals are you can crush them! Pin the image below and share with a friend.

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