How To Fix Droopy Earrings

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Is your favorite jewelry accessory making causing your ears to droop? My go to jewelry is earrings. You may like them large or small, tassels, fringe, gemstones or anything that makes a statement. Lately, I have been reaching for large classic earrings such as pearls but I noticed they are sagging while in my ears. Today I want to share a quick easy fix to the drooping earrings.

Earlobes have the potential to stretch and sag with age and depending in the earring we wear it can happen sooner then later. Thankfully, I was able to find a simple quick and cheap solution to the problem.

So if your tired of droopy earrings all you need to do is replace your earrings backing with Anchora ear support ear lifters from Amazon. These hypoallergenic earrings lifters can be used for heavy earrings, stretched ear lobes and even piercings that were done poorly. The broader back distributes the weight of the earring more evenly rather than putting all of the weight of the earring on just the piercing. If your piercings are already stretched the backs will stabilize the earring so your earrings are not drooping from an enlarged hole and can help prevent further stretching and damage. Each purchase comes with a set of backings in the colors gold, rose gold and silver. I was pleasantly surprised my order also came with a pair of earrings and some additional backings.

Anchora Ear Support Ear Lifters

Anchora Ear Support Ear Lifters

These ear backers are easy to use. Pick your color of choice, hold the back tab and make sure the crown if the backer is facing upwards. Place the post of the earring into the opening as you would with any backing. Your earrings will instantly sit closer to the ear and not droop. You can adjust the tightness of the backing if needed. If they are too tight lay the backers on a flat surface and use a credit card to wedge inbetween the backer. If the backers are too loose then use your fingers to tighten the backing and you can even needle nose pliers for a tighter fit.

Backers I would normally use. The plastic discs can also be helpful with drooping.
Ear Lifter In Place

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