Feeling Discouraged | WW Weigh In

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Friday. As I am writing this I feel a little discouraged and frustrated. This whole past week has been a bust when it comes to my weight loss. I did horrible all week and then today I had m&m’s and one and a half doughnuts. They were delicious 😋 but I feel frustrated. It is also that time of the month so that is not helping. So here is my plan and how I am going to turn this around. It is okay that I did bad this week. It does not have to continue and I am not a failure. If you are struggling please now you can turn it around and do not give up. I allowed myself to have what I wanted and I am moving on. As of this moment I will be back on track. No matter what the scale says tomorrow I will accept it and work to do better for next time. We all have rough patches and we can use them to grow.

Saturday. Before I get into how my weigh in went I want to share how my Friday evening went. It went well and was relaxing. Dinner last night was Weight Watchers chicken tortilla soup. After dinner my husband and I sat outside by the fire and had a few drinks. I was nice and relaxing and it took my mind off of my frustration. So how did my weigh in go. I am honestly shocked. I was up 1.2 pounds and I thought it would be more. I spoke with the women and she gave me some tips and words of encouragement. She even gave me some recommendations on snacks to try which I am sharing below. I am fine with the weight gain and reassured that this process is a journey. Because no matter what the scale was going to say I am still not were I started and I am a different person because of my choices.

If you are struggling please know that the struggle is part of the process and you can and will make it through. We all struggle but the important part is do you come out of it stronger or did you give up? Do not give up and keep pushing!

Carrot goldfish 56 piece for 4 points
Tomato goldfish 57 pieces for 4 points
34 crackers for 4 points

Have an amazing weekend and keep pushing towards your goals!

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