Making Goals | WW Week in Review

This week’s review is gonna be a little different because I did not do a good job documenting my week. I feel like I have been slacking with this since coming back from vacation.

So how did my week go? I was super excited to be down 2 pounds when I attened my weekly weigh in. I was not expecting the loss. So that means I lost the weight I gained plus a pound. I am honestly nervous about my next weigh in because it was a three day weekend and I did not track. Saturday we went to dinner to celebrate our birthdays, Sunday we made beignets, Monday we had a BBQ and Thursday I had a work party. So I am worried I ate bad for too many days but either way I enjoyed the food. So if I am up then I will just have to work harder.

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Something I have been putting off and struggling with is incorporating exercise into my routine. I woke up once this week and walked on my treadmill. I walked for 15 minutes at a low speed and felt like death. That is how outta shape I am 😬 so we need to work on that. I do try to go for walks on my lunch breaks at work but I need to do more. I know it would speed up my weight loss and increase my energy levels.

I did download a habit tracker and am hoping that this will help me focus on my goals more. My current goals are:

1. Get outta bed when the alarm goes off. Normally, when my alarms goes off I turn it off and grab my phone. I then proceed to lay in bed for 30mins just playing on my phone. My goal is to get up, avoid the phone and get ready for the day. I may try this for a week or so and then get up half and hour earlier to workout.

2. Walk for 15-30 minutes a day. Getting out of bed when my alarm sounds would help with this 🥴 but I do walk at lunch. I could also start incorporating more workouts on the weekends.

3. Drink 50 oz of water. For a while there I was drinking an average of 100 oz of water a day but haven’t been doing so great. So I am currently sticking to 50 oz as the minimum and go from there.

If you are curious what habit tracker I am using it is called Habit You from the Google app store. So far I like it. That’s all I got this week. I will try to document better next week. In fact, I think I am going to switch things up. I may do a quick short post after my weigh in and create some goals for the week in addition to the ones I made already and then a followup post at the end of the week. I’ll see how that works out for me.

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