How I Decluttered and Organized My Makeup and Vanity | Vanity Organization Tour

Did you know your clutter could be causing you stress? As I have gotten older I have realized how little I actually need and I am on a journey. A journey to be more intentional with items in my life and to only keep things that bring me joy. This is how I decluttered and organized my makeup and vanity.

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I have been decluttering like crazy and trying to simplify my life. My goal is to live a more intentional life with the products I spend my money on. I have been wanting to reorganize and change up my vanity so that it is more functional, organized and everything has a purpose and place. I went through and decluttered all my products and this is how I changed up my vanity.


My vanity is technically my dresser. I place my makeup and everyday products on top of it. I had so many items I did not use and the space felt cluttered and congested. My goal was to get rid of items I would never use and make the space look more simple and elegant. I also have been wanting to get rid of the shelf above the dresser because it has fallen in the past and made a mess. It is flimsy and I worry it will break items below it if it falls again.

As you can see from the pictures I was using these old white vases from Ikea to hold my makeup brushes. I actually used these as decor in my wedding eight years ago. They were very popular at the time. I still think they are cute. A black picture frame was being used to hold misc. items such as lotion, face moisturizer and perfume. The black holder was used to hold my eye shadow pallets and some random powders. I also had a silver tray that I found at a thrift store to hold primers, foundation and more random items. Everything is placed randomly where it can fit.

Before purchasing anything to reorganize my products. I took some time and did some research on what I liked and what would work for my space. I did not want to spend a ton of money but wanted some quality pieces that would last a long time. I ended up buying two different glass and metal vanity organizers with copper finish from target. They come in multiple sizes and designs which really makes them functional. I almost purchased three but I am glad I only got two because that it all I needed.

First, I decluttered and threw away everything I knew I was never going to use or products I was not thrilled about. Items I enjoy and know I will use but are not currently in rotation went into storage for later use. I also decided to remove my everyday items such as lotion and deodorant and place them in my bathroom. My husband took the shelf off and we are going to fix up the wall where it was located. I took pictures of the finished look but I ended up getting rid of a few more items after these pictures. The DVD player now also sits on my dresser in the corner which I do not mind. Getting the organizers helped me declutter even more with my makeup brushes. It can only hold so many so I picked out the ones I wanted and need and the others got tossed. I was going to purchase a vanity mirror tray because I am obsessed with them but decided I really do not need one and the acrylic tray is working just fine. I think the space looks cleaner more organized.


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