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Before I dive into this post can we just take a moment and have a good laugh. I took the photos for this post and I love them but I also realized the above photo makes me look like I have biceps which I do not. My only guess is it is my shirt bulking up when I lifted my arms. I had to laugh but I am using these photos anyway.

If you are reading this post then maybe you have damaged hair like myself. I have been getting my hair relaxed since I was a teenager and have never stopped. I use to pay a salon to get my hair done but the last few years I do it myself. I buy a box of relaxer and do it at home. I also have started cutting my own hair at home but I think that is going to end. I also do not keep a wash routine. My hair does not get greasy ever! If anything it is usually dry. So I normally would wash once a week or every other week. Along with not having a hair routine I also use heat routinely on my hair but I do use a heat protectant.

I recently started following a hair care routine (more to come on that) and using Redken extreme shampoo and conditioner. This regimen is for damaged hair and I am loving using the product. This is know my go to shampoo and conditioner. I have never loved a shampoo and conditioner as much as I have this one and it will forever be a staple in my hair care routine.

Redken extreme shampoo is for cleansing, strengthening and restoring damaged brittle hair. It also helps prevent future damage and leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and easier to manage. The conditioner also strengthens damaged brittle hair and makes hair more resiliant. Both products contain amino acids, arginine and citric acid.

I noticed a difference in my hair with just one wash. I now wash my hair once a week with these and my hair is so soft and I can see less breakage when I am brushing. My hair does not feel weighed down and is much easier and manageable. Bonus points because it has a lightweight smell that is not overwhelming. The bottles come in two sizes 10.1 oz and 33.8 oz. I have the smaller size which was great for me to test it out and see if I like it. Now that I know I love it I will be purchasing the larger bottles. Redkin also sells a leave in treatment that goes along with the shampoo and conditioner. I will pick that up when I restock and I am sure I will love it.

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  1. Do you have hair damage?
  2. Are you trying to repair your hair and what products are you using?

5 thoughts on “Caring for Damaged Hair | Redken Extreme

  1. Francesca May 28, 2021 / 9:21 am

    Love the packaging colour, I am glad that these products have worked well for you! x

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