Do pimple patches really work?

Pimple patches are everywhere and are very popular. I have been wanting to try them out and decided to give these a try since my face has been breaking out. Here are my thoughts and how they worked.

Pimples are very frustrating and seem to pop up at the worst time. I did not have break outs much as a teenager so now I am in my thirties and my skin thinks its puberty time. Wearing a mask everyday also does not help. My face has been breaking out like crazy and its frankly annoying. So I decided to pick up and try some pimple patches to see if they would help. I went to my local target and picked up the 24 pack of Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible + Acne Patches that retail for $10.99. Below are some highlights of the product.

– Invisible daytime acne patch that is clear, matte and blends into the skin.
– All natural, non irritating, skin safe with the highest medical hydrocolloid.
– Shields you from popping, picking and squeezing your pimples.
– Blocks bacteria by keeping your pimples covered and protected.
– These patches are made with 100% medical grade hydrocolloid.
– Creates a healing environment and reduces inflammation and redness.

So a little background on hydrocolloid because what is it and what does it do? Hydrocolloid was originally made to be a bandage for wounds. They are a gel substance, usually made from pectin or gelatin, that pulls out fluid and suspends it to a bandage. It creates a moist environment that promotes healing while pulling out the junk from the pimple or wound.

So do they work? Yes and no and it kinda depends on the pimple. I have been using them for over a month now and have gone through half the pack. They work best on whiteheads when the drainage is closer to the surface. I have used them on white heads and it does work on them. When pulling off the patch it will be white from absorbing the fluid and sometimes I am able to wipe away the white head that was pulled to the surface. They seem to only help with superficial pimples. So if your pimple is deep it will not help. I have had multiple times when I put them on a pimple with no whitehead and it did absolutely nothing. The packaging even states that it works best on whiteheads. What it did help me with was not picking at my pimples. When I had them covered I resisted the urge to pick or pop my pimples. That alone is a massive help for me. I also did not mind wearing them during the day because they can be hard to see. Application is easy, fast and simple. It is recommended to clean your face and let your face dry before applying the patches. The ones I purchased had to be left on for a minimum of six hours.

So are they worth it? You can see from the photos above that there was a reduction in redness and inflammation of the pimple. It also pulled the white head closer to the surface. And major points because it prevented me from picking at the pimple. So yes they are worth a try!

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