Simple Jewelry for Nurses

hand with candle and jewelry
**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you visit a link and buy something. Purchasing via a link doesn’t cost you any extra.**

Nurses are typically allowed to wear some jewelry and it can depend on their type of work. Personal safety and the safety of patients will also be factors in the type of jewelry a nurse decides to wear. As a clinic nurse I keep to small earrings, rings and a watch. I wear stud earring because I do not want anything that dangles or can be grabbed. I also avoid necklaces because they also dangle. Today, I am sharing some simple jewelry options for nurses.

Stud Earrings
These are a great option to wear to work and on a daily basis. They are small and safe because they do not dangle. They are available in so many different colors, styles, designs and finishes. A few of my favorites are shown below.


Shop stud earrings
1. Kate Spade earrings pearl gumdrop studs
2. Kate Spade skinny mini bow studs
3. Heart of pearl stud earrings
4. Kate Spade large gumdrop studs
5. Whitney Pave butterfly studs
6. Marianne hexagon studs
7. Ivanna Rainbow Studs
8. Heart & Heartbeat Earrings
9. Raw stud earrings
10. Lifeline Stud Earrings
11. Coco earring set
12. Pearl Pave studs

A watch is essential if you work in healthcare. Preferably, a watch that has a second hand and if needed also military time. There are many options for cute work watches. I currently am using the Samsung galaxy watch which is number one in the list. It is very functional and not to mention adorable. It has a second hand but also receives and you can respond to texts and phone calls. So when I am not near my phone I am able to make sure I am not missing anything important. I also own the Nursemates watch number 4 which is perfect if you are still learning military time and it also contains a second hand. Made of silicon so it is easy to clean and fits comfortably.


Shop watches
1. Samsung – Galaxy Watch3 Smartwatch
2. Speidel Original Scrub watch
3. Rose Gold Blush Leather Fob
4. NurseMates Uni-watch (use code REBEKAHXNM for 15% off)
5. NurseMates Marble watch (use code REBEKAHXNM for 15% off)
6. Plaris Nurse Watch
7. Dakota Nurse Watch

Rings can be a little harder to choose depending on your work environment. Working in healthcare requires lots of hand washing and sanitizing so you will need something that will hold up. Many nurses opt for silicone bands because they are affordable and hold up well. If you are able to wear rings then there are many options available.


Shop rings
1. Love hearts band ring
2. Statement heart ring
3. Braided silicone ring
4. Adeline Leaf Crossover ring
5. Priscilla Ma #R1231 circle dot ring
6. Silicone ring
7. Priscilla Ma #R1251 sunrise stamped ring
8. Sarah Hammered Metal ring set
9. Wild Hearts band ring
10. Confetti ring

I have been on the hunt for rings lately and have searched for a while. I wanted a ring that could stand up to my job as a nurse who works with their hands. It took me some time but I found the perfect brand that fits my style and my lifestyle. This ring is from Priscilla Ma in style #R1231 and is gold plated stainless steel. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. I decided to buy a less expensive ring to start so I could see the quality and how it holds up. So far I love it and will purchase from this brand in the future.

hand with ring and stethoscope

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