Quick Drying Nail Polish

My hands are super dry

I do my nails at home for a few reasons. I love gel nails and use to get them done but the salon I went to damaged my nails. They created an indent in my nails when they sanded them down and it took me a while to grow it out and have it corrected. Another reason is I think it saves money to do it myself.

I have been using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for a while now and it is only nail polish I currently use. I need something that dries fast because I will ruin my nails quickly if they take long to dry. I also need a polish that will hold to daily hand washing and working with my hands. This polish dries super fast and lasts me a week which is good for me. I am a nurse so I work with my hands. So if you have a different career it will probably last you longer.

I only have two colors because I want to use them up and then purchase more. I am currently all about not having excess in my life. I like it simple! These polishes are also a great price. I pick them up at my local Target for $3.99.

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