Mother’s Day Gift

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I had to wait to put this post together and post it until I knew my mom got her gift in the mail. To all the mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a relaxing and rested day. Today I wanted to share what I got for my mom.

There are so many nice gift guides out there to help you find the perfect gift but I try to get items I know my mom will love and keep it more personal. Do not just buy random items and throw them together. I recommend thinking about what your mother loves and build your gift from there.

My mom loves….excuse me…LOVES Tina Turner and always has. In fact, when she had her last tour in the United States my sister and I got her tickets to one of the concerts. I can not even remember what year that was! I found an awesome Tina Turner card on Etsy that I had to get. I also found a t shirt on Etsy for her. I have to be careful with what kind of products I buy because she would refuse to wear the shirt if it was actual memorabilia. I want her to actually use the items. My mom also loves seafood and likes going to Red Lobster and who does not like their biscuits! I found these at the grocery store so I had to throw those in. My mom recently moved to another state and had a house built and since they are still working on decorating it I added a Home Goods gift card so she can go shopping.

So nothing was extravagant but I knew she would enjoy the gifts and she did. Now that she actually has them I can share them with you guys. What did you get your mother for mothers day or if you are a mother what did you get?

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