Hormones, Chocolate & Food

This week started out rough with some hardcore chocolate cravings. Thankfully, one bad day is not enough to set me off track. So if you have a bad day or it does not go as planned. Do not beat yourself up. Track, accept it and move on with your life.

I was not surprised or even upset to be up 0.2 lbs because I had such a large drop the week before. Essentially, I saw this as my weight staying the same. Considering my hormones and period I actually thought it would be worse than what it was.

My husband and I had a bunch of errands we had to do after my weigh in and since we would be out for a while we decided to grab breakfast. Thankfully, right next store is a diner and they have a very extensive menu. I opted for a garden omelet with a side of fruit. My husband has been eating the same meals as me because we only make one meal for dinner. We are both getting a little bored with the same food so we are starting to try new meals. This was balsamic chicken and was so delicious. I am working on creating a binder to keep all my weight watchers recipes. Once I get it done I will share them with you.

Trying to incorporate more fruit into my meals.

Sunday was rough for me. I was going crazy craving chocolate!! I went way over my points by eating multiple weight watchers chocolate bars and sugar free fudge bars. I guess it could have been worse if I was eating other chocolate. Essentially, this whole week has been rough but I am trying my best to stay on track. If I have a craving I try to ignore it and if that does not work then I allow myself to have a little piece. For example we had someone bring in soft pretzels to work. They smelled so delicious and I wanted one. I did not have one while I was at work so instead I took a few home for my husband and I allowed myself to have one. I did this so I would be limiting myself to how many I could consume. Think about it this way if I allowed myself to have one at work there were tons more there I could essentially binge on but by taking one home and enjoying it there I was limited in the amount I could eat. It seems to have worked for me. So just a thought if you are struggling.

If you are a coffee lover like myself I want to share some coffee suggestions if you are out and about and want to grab a coffee. I have shared in the past how I mix Starbucks espresso with Premier Protein so today I am sharing some Dunkin drinks. These are basic but when it comes to coffee basic is better because they load their drinks with sugar. If I want a hot coffee from Dunkin I order a medium hot coffee with skim milk and two splenda. This will cost you one point. If you order a large is will be two points. Same goes when I order an iced coffee. I order a iced coffee with skim milk and splenda and the points are the same with the medium and large.

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