Experience Self Care in Luxury at Home Everyday – Five Products to Enhance Daily Self Care

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you visit a link and buy something. Purchasing via a link doesn’t cost you any extra. Some products in this post has been gifted. Thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Self care should be an essential part of your daily routine. It allows you to nurture yourself and provide a break from the daily demands of everyday life. It can be difficult to put into practice but once you start you will realize the importance and question why you did not start sooner. Self care does not need to cost you an exorbitant amount of money and can be practiced in small ways everyday.

When someone says self care what is the first thought that comes to mind? An expensive luxurious day at the spa? While that sounds relaxing and lovely it may not be realistic for many people and you deserve to be pampered everyday of the week. Here are five products to take your daily self care to the next level.

Spa Essentials
Start your experience by having the essentials. Use these products to enhance your self care experience. Use them alone or with your favorite spa products.

High Quality Luxury Soap
Make your shower a place of relaxation to cleanse and recharge your body. Take care of your body with quality soap made with natural ingredients. You clean your body everyday so add a little luxury and make the experience even more enjoyable with high quality products. You have one body so treat it with love and care. Pre de provence signature French milled soaps have an amazing line of beautifully scented soaps. I have used a few of their bars and they are all I purchase anymore when it comes to soap bars. They smell amazing, last a long time and keep my skin moisturized.

Skin Hydration
A quality lotion can do wonders for your skin and provide the ultimate treatment for dry skin. Pick a product that provides nourishment and sooths the skin. An added bonus is the fragrance which can be calming, relaxing and uplift your spirits.

Relaxing Atmosphere
Finding and burning a candle is a great way to practice self care. Lighting a candle can instantly set a calming tone with the smell and calm of the flame. Smells can take you to a place of relaxation and rest. They can even remind you of happy times. If candles are not for you then try a room diffuser to keep the room scented and fresh.

Self Care for Men
Often times men get overlooked when it comes to self care but it needs to start being normalized. Self care for men is no different than self care for women. Here are some amazing products to get for that special man in your life.

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