WW (Weight Watchers) low point snacks & review | Are they worth the money?

If you decided to follow a certain diet or plan chances are they sell their own products. WW is no different. They sell everything from cook books, snacks, scales and probably a ton more products I can not even think of right now. I decided that since I follow WW purple plan I would give their snack a try and see if they are worth the money.

WW sells their packaged snack and foods online on their website, amazon, and you can even find some items in your local grocery store. I purchased these snacks directly from WW website. Shipping was quick and my order shipped the same day I ordered. It took five days for my order to come in.

It is hard to differentiate size in the pictures but the chip bags and chocolate bars are small.

First things first. Lets talk about money. If you order on the WW site they usually have a sale or some kind of discount code. So I always recommend that because it is always helpful to save money. When you buy food from a brand like this they are always more expensive for convenience.

Original beef & pork snack sticks $7.99 or $0.99 per stick
Crunchy snack variety pack $6.99 or $0.87 per bag
Chocolate snack bar three pack $22.99 or $7.66 per box or $0.63 per bar
Shipping: Free
Total: $37.97

Barbecue potato crisps
This shows how many chips come in a bag.

Barbecue potato crisps
I was not impressed with these chips. They barely tasted like barbecue and tasted kind of weird. The texture felt like a puff instead of a chip.

Nacho tortilla chips
This shows how many chips come in a bag.

Nacho tortilla chips
These were not horrible. They are a little bland but do have some flavor to them. They are definitely better then the barbecue chips. I could see myself enjoying these. Would be a good alternative to Doritos.

Salt & Vinegar potato crisps
This shows how many chips come in a bag.

Salt & Vinegar potato crisps
I have never been a fan of salt & vinegar chips. I actually really liked these. They had just a hint of salt & vinegar so it was not over powering. My favorites chips out of the selection.

Sea salt hummus crisps
This shows how many chips come in a bag.

Sea salt hummus crisps
These were the worst out of the pack. I did not taste any salt and my first thought that came to mind was they reminded me of communion crackers. I know that is odd but that is what they tasted like to me. Very plain and cardboard tasting.

Bag states two sticks is a serving size.

Beef & Pork snack sticks
I liked these and think they taste good. No different then any other beef or pork stick. I wish they had more in a bag because eight is not a lot and they are small. It did work to curb off my hunger.

Chocolate caramel snack bar
This bar was tasty and I love the combination of chocolate and caramel. This curbed my chocolate kick. I wish it was a little more flavorful but I enjoyed it.

Chocolate peanut butter pie snack bar
I am not really sure what a chocolate peanut butter pie is suppose to taste like but this wasn’t bad. Great if you like peanut butter and chocolate combined. Wish it had a little more flavor.

Chocolate pretzel snack bar
This was pretty good but again would taste better if it was more flavorful. The bar was actually chewy and my jaw hurt a little chewing it. Could not taste any salt from the pretzels.

So my final thoughts on these products. I think they are great for convenience and make it easier to have snacks that are accessible and you know the points. It removes the need of measuring and having the temptation to go overboard. That being said they are pricey and most of the items are pretty bland in flavor. My biggest complaint would be the lack of flavor but for me it works with the salt & vinegar chips. I would purchase the salt & vinegar, beef & pork stick and the chocolate caramel snack bars again if they were on sale but I would not go out of my way for these items.

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