Decluttering the House, Wine Restock, Candle Making- Weekend at Home

So, technically the weekend does not start till Saturday but I decided for me it starts Friday! Nothing beats clocking out at 5pm on a Friday and going home to a glass of wine. A great way to relax and unwind after a busy stressful week.

We usually have our meals planned out for each day of the week. We try anyway but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Friday was one of those days. So we decided to grab dinner at a local pizzeria. My husband ordered a cheesesteak and I ordered a Caesar grilled chicken salad with the dressing on the side. I did not use the dressing and normally when I order a salad that has a good amount of toppings I do not add the dressing.

Friday night we decided to try a new wine. It was so delicious, crisp and light. Adding this to one of my favorites. On Saturday we went out and purchased a few more wines to stock up the fridge. Getting the wine fridge for ourselves this past Christmas was a great gift!

Decided to paint my nails with the one polish color I have. I really enjoy the Sally Hansen insta-dry polishes because they dry fast and I am notorious for ruining my nails while they are drying.

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably have seen Millie sleeping or laying on my lap. She will sit and whine at me while I am on the sofa until I get on the floor for her. I have spoiled this dog.

Saturday morning I always go to weight watchers to get weighed in. Make sure you look out for my weekly ww post to see my update. This weekend we decided to grab breakfast at a local diner. I was pleasantly surprised with their food selection. It can be hard to make healthy decisions but I opted for a garden omelet and fruit on the side.

While I was out this weekend we went to Home Goods and we got this adorable file folder. My husband actually saw it and thought it would be nice for the office. I think it looks great and it is very functional. I also have been doing some major decluttering and decided to declutter the office. I was able to fill up a whole trash bag. I am at a point in my life where I want less and what I have I want it to be quality.

I love candles and use to have a large supply but I went through my stash. A few years ago my husband got me candle making supplies because I wanted to make my own. I still have a lot of supplies so we made some candles. Hoping they turn out good.

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