What’s always in my grocery cart | WW (weight watchers edition)//Day 9

This post was the perfect addition to my blog challenge because currently I am on weight watchers and my grocery cart has been filled with tons of healthy nutritious foods. Today I am going to share what is in my grocery cart and some of my staples that help keep me on track.

Before I ever go grocery shopping I start by going through my kitchen and making a list. This way I know what I need and I can stay on track while at the store. There are certain food items I always keep on hand because I know I like them and they are low on points on my plan. I also just recently started shopping at a store called Lidl and I supplement what I can not find there at my local Giant grocery store. Shopping at Lidl has helped me save tons of money because I grocery shop every week.

Overview of what I purchased.

This is an overview of what I purchased. I did leave some things out that my husband picked up for himself that I do not eat. I am sharing my staples and go to items that I buy and keep stocked in my home.

I always stock up on fruits and vegetables. I usually get grapes and bananas but this week I switched the grapes out for some strawberries. I also always keep peppers and brussel sprouts in the house. Peppers are great to add to salad or make stuffed peppers. I am obsessed with brussel sprouts and probably buy them every week. I love to roast them with some olive oil spray, salt and pepper. So delicious.

I tend to avoid red meat unless we are going to grill a steak. Instead I always opt for chicken breast and 99% lean ground turkey. I use to get 85% lean ground turkey but the 99% is zero points on my weight watchers plan. I will be honest it is pretty bland so you have to season it up pretty well. I also love to eat fish but my husband is not a fan. So I usually grab a small piece of salmon for myself to eat.

The only salad dressing I really use currently is light Italian from wishbone because it is one point on weight watchers and is tasty. I also use olive oil spray instead of traditional olive oil that you pour.

Every week I stock up on romaine lettuce and eat salads through out the week. We purchased some grape tomatoes this week because my husband is going to make sun dried tomato’s. I also have stocked up my pantry with whole wheat pasta because again it is zero points on my plan. I also always buy tuna, eggs and steamable vegetables. Tuna is always great to have on hand for a quick easy meal.

I love ice cream and have no issues sitting down and eating a pint! So instead of eating ice cream I recently swapped it out for these sugar free fudge pops. You can eat two pops for three points and it curbs my ice cream and chocolate cravings.

Something else I love is cheese and these light string cheese sticks are great! I use them to snack on and even add them to my meals. They are one point on my weight watchers plan. Some other ways I have used them is slice one up and add it to a salad. I also used one to make eggplant. I melted it and added sauce to eggplant for a delicious roasted eggplant.

Arnold sandwich thins are a great alternative to traditional bread. They are great to get some bread in but watch your intake. The last thing I always keep on hand is seltzer water. I am pretty sure I drink one every day. These help me get my water intake in and help fill me up. They are always great as an alternative to add into your mixed drinks.

So there you have it! What is in my grocery cart weight watchers edition. These are some of my current staple items that I buy and keep stocked in my pantry and fridge. I hope you found this post helpful and found something you can start incorporating into your grocery shopping.

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