April 2021 Favorites: What I’m Loving Now

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Another month and another post about what I am loving this month! I find it so fun to find new products I adore or old favorites. This month we have a good mixture of beauty, food and even some nurse products.

Ninja Foodie
I have actually had this for a while now and we use it a few times a week. I haven’t even tried out all the functions on it yet. The Ninja Foodie is a five in one indoor grill and can also air fry, roast, bake and dehydrate. This thing can get up 500 degrees and mimics an outdoor grill without all the smoke. You can throw a frozen chicken breast on and have if cooked in about 20 minutes. My household loves using this.

Urban Skin Rx Vitamin C Cleansing Bar
When I first started using this product I was very intrigued by the concept. I never saw a cleansing bar that came in a jar. It is a solid bar that lathers when you rub it with a wet sponge. The sponge is then used on the skin. The bar contains Niacinamide, L-Ascorbic Acid, Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid, Turmeric and Raspberry Seed Oil. It smooths, resurfaces and brighten dull skin. I use it once daily and have enjoyed the results. My skin feels smoother and brightened.

La Croix sparkling water
I know this is a well known popular item. I always have some form of sparkling water in my home and I tend to reach for La Croix brand. This is a great healthier alternative to soda and comes in so many delicious flavors. Since, I am currently on a weight loss journey I use these to mix with my favorite liquor to save on calories.

Premier Protein
Okay this one takes the win this month. I have tried this in the past and did not mind it but now I love this brand. The only flavor I am really obsessed with is the caramel but I should probably venture out and try some of their other flavors. This drink is delicious, filling and can be used in so many ways. I drink it straight out of the carton, on ice and even in coffee. Its great in hot and cold coffee and does not curdle or taste odd. I recently shared how I use this when I order espresso from Starbucks. I currently have my mother in law looking for it in bulk at Costco since she shops there.
Read more >>>>> Premier Protein

Mini dry erasers
As a nurse I am all about making my job easier with quick easy access to items I need. Many nurses, myself included keep mini sharpies attached to our badges for ease. Since I currently work in a clinic we use dry erase markers frequently on patients we are testing. I purchased these from Target when I started as a clinic nurse and they are great. I keep one of these and a mini sharpie on my badge at all times. They last a long time and work great. The markers cap even has a hole so you can easily attach them to anything.

Urban Rx Dermaplaning tool
I like to dermaplane my face about once a month. It helps remove fine facial hair, exfoliate rough dull skin and improve the appearance of my complexion. My makeup applies much smoother and looks better afterwards. I currently have a pack I picked up from Marshall’s so I am unsure the brand but you want to make sure your tool is good quality and these sound amazing and come from a brand I trust.

3M Littmann Stethoscope, Cardiology IV
This is hands down my favorite stethoscope! I have one that the tubing recently cracked and I am so sad about it. I will be purchasing a new one in the near future. The sound quality is impeccable and you can hear subtle changes in your patients. When I used this stethoscope I could hear everything and it was easy to hear sounds. Since I have been using a different one I can tell the difference and I feel like I can not hear even half as well as I did with the cardiology stethoscope. I highly recommend this to all nurses!

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing

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