WW (Weight Watchers) week in review 4/17/21 – 4/23/21

Another week of weight watchers. This week started out a little rough. If your new here, welcome! Every week I reflect on my progress and how this journey is going for me on weight watchers. The goal is to inspire, motivate and reflect on the progress I made or areas I need to improve on. So let’s get into why this week was rough.

My week restarts on Saturday and that is the day I go to get weighed in. This past Saturday I weighed in and was up +0.6 lbs. I was disappointed in myself. Now I know that is not much but there was still a tiny feeling of disappointment and frustration. We all love to see the scale go down and never wanna see a gain.

If I think back though I did have a birthday party I attended where I did not count anything and consumed alcohol. I also had salty meat and cheese and wine the night before my weigh in. So overall, I shouldn’t be upset with the small gain. It could always be worse. Thankfully, I have no events coming up where I can not count my food.

I ordered some weight watchers snacks that came in this week. I am very excited to try them out. I am currently working on a blog post to review them.

If you are on weight watchers and go to weigh ins do you have a routine? I never eat before I go and that is about it. I do not have an outfit I stick to. My problem recently is when I weigh in I then run errands and grocery shop. By the time I am out for a little while I am starving and have no idea what to eat. I should start carrying fruit with me. It happened to me this week and I ended up at Wawa and got an egg white omelet. It did the job and held me over but I need to work on having snacks handy so I do not go off the plan when I am hungry.

Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful week for me and WW. At work I have been going for walks with a coworker on our lunch breaks. Its been a great way for me to get some extra movement in. Keeping my fingers crossed that my next weigh in will result in a loss.

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