Nursing scrubs & What I wore today//Day 3

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you visit a link and buy something. Purchasing via a link doesn’t cost you any extra.**

If you work in healthcare or are a fellow nurse then you know wearing scrubs is the best thing ever! No staring blankly into your closet every morning stressing over what to wear. I love rolling out of bed and taking my pajamas off just to put more pajamas on! That is a little dramatic but if you find the right scrubs they are buttery soft and comfortable. There are so many options today so you have no excuse for boxy uncomfortable work wear.

If you could not tell by that introduction…I enjoy wearing scrubs as my professional attire! Today there are so many more brands, colors, fits and styles that you can find something that works for you! I have a preference for neutral color scrubs and I am obsessed with jogger style scrub pants. I have linked the scrubs and outwear I wear on a daily basis below in the area called Shop the post. Below are also my five reason why I love wearing scrubs.

  1. Keeping it simple
    Getting ready for work in the morning can sometimes become frantic if you wake up late or feel rushed. Scrubs help keep it simple. Picking a scrub outfit breaks down to finding a matching color or pattern for both your tops and bottoms. When purchasing scrubs I buy the tops and bottoms in solid colors so they always are a pair and match. This way when morning comes it is simple for me to pick out what to wear.
  2. Comfort
    Anyone who has worn or touched a pair of quality scrubs knows that they are like butter! So soft and comfortable that they feel like pajamas. If you go to cheap they can be tough and boxy but with the options available there is no excuse to not be comfortable.
  3. Pockets
    As a nurse my pockets tend to get overpacked. I need my phone, scissors, tape, pulse ox, pen, paper…the list can go on. Especially when I was working bedside I would find all sorts of random items in my pockets. Those pockets are amazing though and come in handy.
  4. Weight gain or loss
    If you lose or gain weight your typical everyday clothes might not feel so comfortable but with scrubs you have some room for changes. Scrub pants with drawstrings are great if you see a change in your weight because you can adjust them. Scrubs also tend to cover and hide any problem areas.
  5. Endless colors
    Depending on your place of employment you may be limited in your color choice but if not you can go crazy! Everything from solid neutrals, bright neon’s, soft pinks and everything in between. You can even explore your inner child by wearing Disney themed scrubs! The colors and patterns available are endless.
What I wore today

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