How to work with brands when you are not an influencer

When you log onto your social media accounts you are bombarded with influencers pitching products and it can be enticing. How do they get so many free items from companies and paid sponsorships!? Well they made that their job and it can be very hard to create a large following on social media. Darn near impossible. But, I am here to tell you that while you may not get paid to promote items you can 100% work with companies to promote their items and get products for free. This is how to work with brands when you have no influencer status.

First off, you need to be on social media if you want to work with any brand. Most times a brand will require you to post a picture, story or some kind of ad if you are going to work with them. So while you do not need 100,000 or even 10,000 followers you will need to be active on social media.

3 things you need to be doing on your social media now

  1. Share brand and products you are already using

    If you want to work with brands, no matter your follower size then you need to be sharing brands and products with your followers that you already use and love. Even if you have 100 followers you are still sharing what you love and you maybe influence even one person to try something new.
  2. Tag the companies you are sharing

    There have been a few times I have shared a product I love on my social media and the brand has reached out to me. Most say thanks for sharing but some have sent me free products to try. By tagging them you are showing them your presence and interest in their product. Get your voice heard and let them know you are there.
  3. Put your email everywhere

    If you have a personal email and you do not want spam or companies reaching out to it then make a new one and share that email on your platforms. Make sure it is in your bio so that way brands can reach out to you and they have access to contact you. Make it a professional sounding email.

So you did those three things…now what? Are brands just gonna magically start reaching out to you? No. That is why I am sharing some of my favorites third party sites that anybody can sign up for to work with brands and get free products. Please remember you are not going to make money off this but it is a great way to start working with brands and building your presence. I have been using some of these sites for years and have worked with some amazing brands through them.

BzzAgent: This is by far one of my favorite companies to work with. I have been working with them for years and have received everything from beauty products, skin care products and even a vacuum cleaner that I still use and love! All you have to do is make an account, keep your profile up to date and watch for email invites. The company emails you invites to try certain brands. If you are interested then apply. If you are selected they will mail the product to you for you to try and review. After a few weeks they will email you a link to review the product! Simple as that! I usually do not have to share the product on social media, but this is a great way to show brands and share products with your followers.

AmbassadHer: I have worked with this brand a few times. How they work is a little different then others. You can create an account for free or you can sign up for an all access membership for $2.99 a month. Paying the monthly fee opens you up to more opportunities to work with brands though I do not think it is necessary. The one thing I do not like about working with this company is they make you pay for the product up front from a third party company. You then provide your honest feedback and they reimburse you the cost of the product and then a small compensation. They have different types of campaigns. Some you purchase and post about the product and others you just provide feedback.

Social Nature: This is a great way to try up and coming brands. Sign up and make an account then apply to try and review products. If you are chosen they will mail you the product or a voucher for you to redeem in exchange for a review and/or share on social media.

Influenster: This is another company I love working with! You do need to create an account and be active on the platform. You can review products you love and interact with other users. Routinely, they send out what they call a VoxBox which can contain sample size or full size items for testing purposes. You try the products, review them and post on your social media accounts.

Heartbeat: I have worked with this third party site multiple times. They offer daily surveys that you can partake in and also apply to different campaigns. They are always running multiple campaigns so I apply to many and generally get picked for one or two.

These are just a few ways to get you started and start working with brands and start building your presence on social media. You will need to start somewhere and this a great place to get you started! Remember be authentic with your audience, share what you are passionate about just enjoy the process.

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