WW (Weight Watchers) week in review 4/3/21-4/9/21

What better way to stay motivated then doing weekly check ins on the blog! I thought this would be a great idea to reflect on the week that has passed, see my wins and/or fails and find ways of improvement. I also want to share anything I have discovered on this journey that may help you on yours! Always feel free to leave comments and lets encourage one another!

My weight watchers app resets on Saturdays so I figured I will make my weeks from Saturday to Friday. I also have made my weigh in day on Saturday mornings. This works with my schedule. This past Saturday I was down 2.2 pounds! Always motivating to see progress.

SW: 175.8 lbs
CW: 173.6 lbs
Loss/Gain: -2.2 lbs
Total Loss: -2.2 lbs

This past Saturday my husband and I made the WW recipe chicken tortilla soup. I was nervous about making it because it sounded different and I was worried it would taste bad. Also, if you read my previous blog post about how WW is changing my life then you know I hate to cook. Recipe linked here if you are interested in trying it out! To our surprise it was actually amazing and delicious! It was also very filling. I wish I had taken a photo but I forgot 😔 it is a recipe I will be keeping and making again.

Sunday was Easter so I counted all day expect for dinner. Dinner was at my mother in laws and it would have been impossible to track. I tried to watch my intake but I definitely ate more then I should. I was good with the dessert and had a small piece of cake and no seconds. I may have had three or four glasses of wine 🍷. No regrets. When Monday came around it was back on track.

I have been sticking to eating oatmeal for breakfast but decided to switch it up this week and try something new. I have been taking about 3/4 cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt (0 pts) and mixing it with PB2 cocoa (2 pts). I then crush up a granola pack (7 pts) and mix it all together. The granola has a lot of points so I tend to do this on days I work late and have a shake for dinner. The whole thing equals 9 pts total. It is filling and delicious.

My morning coffee (a required part of the day). I use two packets of stevia in the raw (0pts) and unsweetened vanilla almond milk (0pts). Simple and delicious. I avoid creamer because for me they are points wasted. This all depends on how you like your coffee.

This week has had it struggles. Sometimes I get lunches at work and we did this week. I ordered a salmon salad with no dressing. Often, people ask me how I can eat salad dry. I think I am use to it but when you add on plenty of other tasty foods I feel the dressing is not necessary. This particular place always give garlic knots with the orders. Uggghh, a weakness because they are so good. I resisted those delicious little suckers and walked away. I also have been craving chocolate because well ladies you know when that time hits. It is hard to not give in. Thankfully, I have been enjoying sugar free fudge bars at home (3pts) and so far they have been doing the job.

The last thing I can think of that I have started doing is walking on my lunch break. The weather has gotten nice and this is a great way for me to get extra movement, enjoy the fresh air and get out of the office. Hope you had a great week and if you have any tips or tricks when it comes to weight watchers please feel free to share them in the comments.

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