How WW is changing my life

I joined WW ( weight watchers) two weeks ago and it has been changing my life. Yes in only two week my life and lifestyle has changed. It is giving me the freedom to enjoy my life and incoporate a healthier lifestyle. I am learning to making better decisions and focus on choosing foods that are better for my health. Yes in only two weeks WW has changed my life.

You may be thinking how can you say your life has changed in only two weeks. It takes at least 21 days to make a new habit. So technically, everything I have changed in my life in these past two weeks is not a habit just yet. But this is a start and I feel better than I have in a long time. So what has changed?

I am cooking meals
I hate to cook! I usually will do any and everything to get out of it. I am blessed to have married a man who cooks but I know he gets tired of doing it. In these past two weeks I have cooked more then I ever have. My husband does help so essentially we are cooking together though I have not asked him to help me. Every weekend I pick a day and I sit down and plan out dinners for the week. I use the WW app and look through the recipes and we decide what sounds good. I then track them in the app for the day and write the dinner on paper. This way I am meal prepping because usually when we don’t know what to make we would normally grab pizza. So far I have enjoyed the meals we have made. We have even taken meals we would normally cook and substituted or removed certain ingredients to make is more WW friendly.

Shopping for healthier ingredients
These meals are not just gonna make themselves! In the last two weeks I have started figuring out what to eat and what to avoid. Somtimes, it can be confusing what foods have what points especially when you already have the food in your home. We grocery shop weekly so before we shop we make a list of what we need and want. I make sure to stock up on fruits, veggies and low point snacks. I make it a point to avoid foods that I know I love but are not within my points budget. This past weekend was a little difficult because we have these soft pretzels that my husband and I love. He decided he wanted them and I knew I had to avoid them. I know I can still enjoy these foods if I want to but I am choosing currently to swap them out for something else.

I am not drinking as much alcohol
If you are like me when the weekend hits the alcohol comes out. I normally will not drink on the weekday but I enjoy a few on weekends. Alcohol has a ton of points and they can be used up quickly! So when Saturday night comes around and we grab a glass and a movie I have been sticking to one to two glasses of whatever I am in the mood for and that is all. Alcohol is not something I want to personally spend my points on.

My mindset has changed
Dare I say I feel sexy? because I do!! WW is changing my mindset! I have always been a pessimistic person and have always hated on my body but these past two weeks something has changed. I am seeing my body for what it is. A beautiful vessel that sleeps, breaths, eats and exists. I only have one body and I want to cherish her and everything she has done for me. We only get one chance. Not to get to personal but the other day I had something on for my husband and I felt sexy…that has never happened before. I loved my body and I want and need to keep this mindset.

I feel accountable
The only time I was truly motivated, stayed on track and lost true weight was when I was attending meetings or weekly weigh ins. It gives me a feeling of accountability when I have to drive to a location and get weighed in. I have not been staying for the meetings but there is a feeling of having to answer to someone when I stand on the scale in front of a random person I do not know. It motivates me to keep working hard and pushing towards my goals.

These are a few of the changes I have seen in myself in the past two weeks! This is such a small amount of time so I am very excited to see what the future holds and how my life will change while incorporating WW. If I can see and make these changes then so can you! This is just the start of my journey! Stay tuned!

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