Inspirational mantras and affirmations for nurses and nursing students

Mantras and affirmations are both powerful tools that can be used to positively effect the mind. They can be used to increase awareness and support the connection to the self. Use them to set your intentions and motivate yourself throughout the day. They can help you get through a tough time and inspire you to keep pushing. If you are looking for some new mantras or just want to get started here are some phrases to get you started.

Take some time before you start your work day to recite these mantras to yourself. Write them on sticky notes and leave them in places you will see. Use them to clear your mind, refocus and remind yourself that you are strong and capable.

“I will care for my patients to the best of my ability.”

” I will focus on things I can change.”

“I’ve done my best today.”

“I’m grateful for this days opportunities.”

“I’m proud of my efforts.”

“I can make a difference.”

“I cannot control everything.”

“This will not break me.”

“I have survived hard times in the past and I will continue to survive.”

“I can choose positive thoughts.”

“I am a great nurse.”

“I will pass nursing school and be a nurse.”

“I can handle anything that happens.”

“I became a nurse to make a difference and I make a difference every day.”

“Breathing in, I control what I can control. Breathing out, I release what I cannot control.”

“I am in control of my feelings.”

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