Why I Rejoined WW (Weight Watchers)

Weight loss requires consistency, motivation, a support system and patience. Slowly shedding the pounds and developing healthy habits is more beneficial for long term weight loss. The end goal should be to lose the weight and maintain the loss but in a healthy way. You need to change your mindset and develop healthy habits with food and exercise. This is why I decided to rejoin weight watchers.

A little history about me and weight watchers. I have joined twice in the past. The first time I joined was with a friend and we went to meetings together. That sadly did not last long because life happens and we all have different schedules. During this time I was younger and it was easier for me to lose weight. I believe I lost about 20 pounds and people noticed. Eventually, I fell off the wagon and stopped tracking and going to meetings. Fast forwards years later I rejoined and again went to meetings. Again, I lost weight but a lot of that weight lost was due to stress. Again, for some reason I quit and stopped going. As you can see I have a history of starting and quitting just as I am starting to be successful.

Fast forward to 2020 and I decided to try out a version of weight watchers but with a different company. I used the app itrackbites which is the same concept just much cheaper. I did this for a few months and fell off the wagon again. Clearly my history has a habit of repeating itself. I have nothing bad to say about itrackbites. I think it is a great alternative if you need to save money and they have a great community.

One random day my husband mentioned to me about how his coworker and his wife were doing weight watchers. He said he was thinking about it and how he noticed the only time I had any true consistency and weight loss results was when I was on weight watchers and I was attending the meetings. The subject came up because I have been frustrated with my weight and we are both getting older and it will only get harder for me to shed the pounds. He told me he knows it is more expensive but he thinks it is worth it if this was something I wanted to do. He is absolutely right! It was the only time I was consistent and lost real weight. I am by no means old but I am turning 35 this year and my focus is on my health. The longer you wait the harder it will be. So that weekend I rejoined weight watchers. I guess now they call it WW.

WW is sensible, manageable and realistic. It allows me to live my life and not feel like I am dieting. Trust me making the changes has been hard but I am able to make it work with my lifestyle. After filling out the info the program chose the purple plan for me. This provides me with 16 points a day which is very low but I get 300+ zero point foods. My start date on the program was Monday March 22, 2021. That first week was extremely hard because I had to make some major adjustments to my diet. I will admit the whole week I was very cranky because I felt like I was going through a detox but since then I feel great. My first official weigh at WW was this past Saturday March 27,2021.

I never thought I would put my weight on display for the world but I think the more I normalize my body the better it is for me mentally. So here goes nothing……deep breaths.

“It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle change.”

3/22/21 178.0 lbs
I weighed myself prior to any WW meetings.

3/27/21 175.8 lbs
First WW weigh in. They do not allow you to remove shoes.

3/29/21 172.5 lbs
My weight on my home scale.

I weighed myself prior to my first weigh in since I knew I would be on the program for about a week before attending an official weigh in. Moving forward I plan to base my weight loss of their scale. This week marks my second week on the plan and it feels easier already. I am learning new tips and tricks everyday. I also went grocery shopping this past weekend and stocked up point friendly foods for myself. I am optimistic, determined and plan to take this one day at a time. Stay tuned for updates and to follow me on this journey.

3 thoughts on “Why I Rejoined WW (Weight Watchers)

  1. Kate, RN March 31, 2021 / 2:44 pm

    I recently joined WW (for the first time) with some coworkers as part of a fitness challenge. I’ve really enjoyed the program so far and have had real results! I’m doing the purple plan. Best of luck this time around! 🙂

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    • Rebekah Taylor March 31, 2021 / 7:10 pm

      Love that your on purple as well! I am really enjoying the program so far! It allows me to enjoy food but in a healthy way.


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