Puppy Birthday Party: Millie’s First Birthday

A puppies first birthday is a special occasion! Dogs grow and age so quickly so it is important to take time to celebrate these milestones. They are also part of the family so why not treat them just like you would for your birthday?

This past weekend we (but really just me because my husband finds the idea silly) decided to throw Millie a birthday party! She officially turned one on March 26, 2021! She has grown up so much and keeps us very busy. We started the day by taking her to the dog park. We are trying to do this more to get some energy out of her. She has a ton of energy and such a big personality. We thought we could get some energy out of her before her grandparents arrived. She was tired after the park but not as much as we hoped for.

We kept the party small and invited only Millie’s grandparents which are my husbands parents. My husband cooked dinner for all of us and he made cajun chicken pasta. We snacked on crackers, cheese and wine and just relaxed and had a good time playing with Millie. I got her a birthday treat from a local dog bakery and deli and a small cake for the rest of us to eat. Her grandparents even got her a birthday gift of some dental sticks and we got her a few new toys.

I purchased some decorations off of Amazon so we could make the festivities official. I love how simple the decor was and how adorable it was also. The great thing is I can re-use the decorations for next year.

Overall, it was a nice relaxing time to celebrate our little family.

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