How much money I spend in a week

I have a weird interest in watching YouTube videos of what people spend in a week. I find it interesting how people spend their money. So I decided I wanted to do a week and share it on the blog.

Before we get started I wanted to make some things clear. We are all at different stages of our lives. Some people are more established in their lives and finances while some are just getting started. Please keep that in mind. Also, I will not be including my personal finances like my mortgage and recurring payments. I am doing this to see my personal weekly spending. I also know that every week is different. Some weeks I spend more on groceries or coffee though I do usually try to avoid purchasing certain items.

Monday (3/15/21)

  • $0

Tuesday (3/16/21)

  • $5 copay for doctor appointment
  • $30.87 TJMaxx & Homegoods
    Makeup sponges $11.99
    Gift for someone $14.99
    Houseware item $2.99
    Tax $0.90
  • $15.00 Dinner

Wednesday (3/17/21)

  • $25 Dunkin Donut app reload

Thursday (3/18/21)

  • $30 Fuel

Friday (3/19/21)

  • $3 lottery ticket

Saturday (3/20/21)

  • $102.88 groceries
  • $145.64 pay off cell phone
  • $26.00 dinner for two

Sunday (3/21/21)

  • $149.85 Weight Watchers
  • $11.00 Ritas Water Ice

Total Amount Spent $ 544.24

So this ended up being a strange week and maybe not the best time to track my spending. First, I go to dunkin donuts on average 1-3 times a week and I never load money on the app but for some reason I felt like doing it. My husband and I also switched cell phone carriers this past weekend which again is not a normal expense. I had to pay off my phone and unlock it to switch my carrier. I also joined weight watchers which again is not a normal occurrence. It was also hard to do this because I am married and we share expenses so sometimes my husband paid and other times I paid but it all still comes out of the same account and I am too lazy to go through and look and it depends on the method of payment. I am going to be honest because after Friday I kept forgetting to track and some of these are guesses on how much it cost. Overall, it was still interesting to see where I spend my money and how much I spend on items. I think I will do this again in the future but in more detail.

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