Want to quit your nursing job? Here’s how to do it on good terms

There will come a point when it is time to part ways with your employer. Everyone’s reasoning will be different. You may feel a calling to a different specialty, decide to stay at home with your children, decide to go back to school or you may even just be burnt out. Whatever the reason make sure you follow these steps before you make the move. It is never a good idea to burn bridges with employees. Make sure you don’t hit a point where you feel that is your only option by planning ahead.

1. Have a plan before you quit
Quitting should never be a spur of the moment decision. Make sure you don’t hit this point before you make a plan. What is your goal with quitting? Do you already have a new position lined up and in writing? If you leave on bad terms you can forget about any references from that employer.

2. Give a minimum of two weeks notice
Two weeks is the standard amount of time to give an employee when resigning. Some employers have their own time frames they request. Try to honor their timelines because if you ever decide to apply at that employer again they will know you honored their rules. Also, make sure if you are under a contract that you follow and honor the contract rules. Avoid being black listed from an employer because this can hurt you in the long run.

3. Provide an official letter of resignation
Keep this brief but provide your employer an official resignation letter. Be sure to include the following information.

  • A clear statement that you are resigning
  • Effective date of resignation
  • Thank your employeer for the opportunity. Include some examples of what you learned and enjoyed about your position even if you are happy to leave and despise the job. Make it pleasant because you never know what can happen. Leave a good impression.

4. Schedule a meeting your manager
Schedule a time to meet with your manager so you can both sit down and talk. This does not need to be a long meeting. Keep it short and to the point. Be polite, let them know your are quitting and hand them your official registration letter. Be prepared to answer the question “why” if they ask. Keep your answer short and sweet. Remember the goals is to not burn any bridges.

5. Don’t tell your coworkers before your manager
It can be hard to keep the exciting news to yourself but do it anyway! Talking can lead to problems. Word can travel fast and you don’t want management hearing about you quitting coming from other employees.

6. Watch what you say
Avoid bad mouthing your employer to current employees and even at your new job. You never know who people know.

By following these six steps you are sure to leave your job on good terms. Management will have been provided adequate time to find a replacement and you will be exiting on good terms and in a professional manner.

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