Lessons in blogging: I have no idea what I am doing

I have been blogging since 2017! Just writing that feels weird because I have only been consistent at blogging recently. The more I do it though the more I love it! Recently, I have felt a fire burning inside of me to write even more and share my stories in hopes to inspire others. I also felt a fire to change my blog and start self hosting with great hopes and dreams of growing my blog. That fire got water thrown all over it…kind of… and here is why.

I will try to keep this simple because in reality I have no idea the correct terminology or what I am even talking about. I am only sharing my story. I love blogging and plan to keep at it but there is a lot more to blogging than taking cute photos and writing. There is a lot of behind the scene stuff that goes into having a website and there is my problem. I did some research recently and decided it was time to start self hosting my blog. This meant switching my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. Yes, there is a difference. I did some research and thought “this doesn’t seem that complicated.” Now, this is coming from a women who has no savvy with technology. I am the type of person who keeps hitting the same button on the computer when it does not work thinking magically something will work. Well, this past weekend was gonna be my big weekend to make the change! I was going to switch my blog over and self host and this would give me more freedom and more opportunities to grow!

I was off to a good start and I was following the directions until the directions did not work anymore. So…I thought I was following the directions but apparently I missed an important first step. But lets not dwell on that because things were still going okay…kind of. Importing my data into the new host was not working how the directions said it would. So I figured that part out. But then came transferring my domain and the big mistake I made. Since I had no idea all the work that went into it. I started getting very confused and anxious. When I start to get anxiety I panic and tend to do stupid mistakes. Nothing was working and my site was not visible. Short and plain….I had no idea what I was doing or how to fix the problem. So I panicked and stupidly deleted my old blog and had nothing.

Smart move Rebekah! At first I was ready to throw in the towel and just quit! All my work was gone and I had no idea what to do or how to fix anything! Thankfully, my wonderful husband talked to me and told me not to give up! He was right! I put so much time and effort into my blog just to lose it all. In the end, I was able to retrieve my blog but had to make a new domain. I have no idea how I lost my domain but I know it is no longer there. So I am now officially http://www.rebekahtaylorablog.com! So welcome to the blog! So what lessons did I learn from this mishap?

Change is good but not always
Surprisingly, I love the new blog name and the new layout! I like it better then what it was before! I also realized I do not need to self host right now because I am happy where I am at. I have no idea any of the behind the scene work to maintain a blog. All I know is I love to write and share and that is okay for now. If my blog ever starts to bring in an income then I will pay someone to do the work! Which leads me to my next lesson.

Hire a professional
If you do not know what you are doing then it might be a good idea to hire someone who does. Unless you are savvy with what you are trying to do, keep it to the pros. You have a lot to lose otherwise. My blog is more then just writing. It is my memories and I cherish them.

I have no patience
If I would have been patient and taken more time, done more research then it might have worked out for me. Unfortunately, I am lacking in that department and when I get frustrated I get irrational. This is something I need to work on.

My blog is more than just a blog
I realized that while this is only a blog it is more than that to me. It represents my hard work and my memories. This website shows years of hard work and my creativity. I want this to be a space that inspires others and to continue to be something I am proud of.

So there it is! This is how I spent my past Saturday and about 9 hours of that day trying to fix my error. I told myself that if this is the worst of my problems than I am doing okay!

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