What to wear under & over scrubs

Most nurses and medical professionals appreciate the fact that we get to wear scrubs on a daily basis. Why? because it makes getting dressed simple! If you already did your research and purchased your scrubs it is now time to think what you are going to wear with them! Yes, there is more to it then just the scrubs.

What you decide to wear with your scrubs is going to depend on your job. You will need to familiarize yourself with your facilities dress code. Today many hospital require their employees to wear certain colors and sometimes even certain brands. Don’t stress out to much about it because most do allow you to wear something underneath or over your scrubs. It is also essential that you are comfortable with your outfit. Are you usually hot or cold and can you function properly in your outfit. This easy quick guide will help you decide what you should wear under and over your scrubs

Scrub Undershirts
This is the most common piece of clothing that you will see a medical professional wearing under their scrubs. The undershirt provides an extra layer of protection and comfort under scrubs. They are great for people who get cold easily and you can roll up the sleeves if you get warm. Personally, I am always cold so I use them for added warmth. I also find some scrub material to be too thin and do not like them rubbing up against my skin. I feel more comfortable with an added layer of protection. Neutral colors such as white, cream, light grey and black are perfect because they match with most scrub colors and will not show through the scrubs. I also recommend getting an undershirt that has a snug fit and hugs the body. You want to avoid bulky excess fabric hanging from your body and impeding your movements or touching body fluids or wastes and transmitting bacteria.

I have been wearing the brand Sivvan for the past few years as my scrub undershirts. They have lasted me a long time and are great quality. They come in multiple colors and sizes.

Jackets and Lab Coats
If an undershirt is not enough to keep you warm then consider a scrub jacket or lab coat. These also can come in multiple colors, designs and you can even get them embroidered. They are great to wear in the chilly months and are easier to take off if you get to warm.

Compression Socks
Many healthcare professionals spend hours on their feet. This can cause many health issues so that is why most tend to wear compression socks. You can read about the benefits of compressions and why you should wear them (Why Nurses Should Wear Compression Socks). They come in multiple styles and colors and since they are worn under your scrubs pants this give you the opportunity to show your personality and add a little spark to your scrub outfit.

Choosing what to wear under your scrubs is not complicated but you want to make sure you are choosing pieces that are comfortable, keep your temperature regulated and look professional. Follow the tips above and you will do just that. If you found this post helpful feel free to pin the image below for quick reference and share with a friend!

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