My Crafts Through The Years

This post was inspired by one of my lovely followers on Instagram @curlzandscrubs. I love to craft and over the years what I enjoy doing has changed. Now I usually stick to crocheting but I have done just about everything from making wreaths, candles, signs and picture frames. It started out as a hobby to create home decorations when I had a more limited budget but has turned into a passion. So much so that for a few years I even sold my crochet items on Etsy. I thought today would be a fun day to post about some crafts I have made through the years and reflect on my creations.

I started by walking around my home and snapping photos of everything that I have created. I then went and looked through photo archives to see what I could find. Unfortunately, I was not always the best at taking photos I everything I made. So here’s what I got…

This is my office/craft room/study room. This room has changed over the years. It started out as my craft room then changed to my study room while I was attending nursing school. Now it is used mostly as an office but I still store all my crafts here.

These are a bunch of hats that I made for myself that I use on a routine basis. I also keep scarves and ear warmers in this location.

When I was selling my crochet items on Etsy I was big on making coffee sleeve cozies so I have a huge supply of them.

This is a floor poof that I made. I had a ton of fabric that I did not know what to do with so I decided to make this. I also ended up making one for a friend who went to nursing school with me. She is the one who gave me the pillow in the picture.

I use to love going to the thrift store and collecting embroidery hoops. These are ones I made years ago that still hang on my walls.

Another piece that hangs on my wall are these leaves. My sister came over for a craft day and we made this hangable wall art.

Over the years I have crocheted a lot of blankets. I also made a few pillows and pillow covers to cover up old pillows whose style I no longer enjoyed.

I also like to repurpose items. The sign above was actually a piece of material from an IKEA set that we purchased but did not need this piece. It was the perfect size for a sign. My husband made a border for it and I used a sharpie to write the words.

The black tray is actually a picture frame from a set I had for year but no longer wanted to use. So now I use it as a tray to hold my perfumes and skin care items. The rose gold holder in the center was a candle but the holder was to pretty to throw away and a great item to repurpose.

The sign above my toilet is actually just regular paper that I typed up the word and printed out and placed in a picture frame I had laying around. The flowers in the vase are actually fake flowers from the dollar tree that I used in my wedding.

You will find these crocheted baskets all over my home. They are easy to make and a great way to store items.

This is an old window that we repainted and attached a wreath. A great way to repurpose an item and create wall decor.

I could probably go on forever with this post and share a ton more photos, but that is all for today. Over the years I have made a lot of creations. I have even donated items such as crochet baby hats to local hospitals, created hair clips for girls and made breast cancer awareness scarves. Crafting is something I can do for myself while also helping out others in need. I hope you enjoyed this small look into my crafts and creations.

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