The Best Nursing Lunch Bags

If you are in the market for a new lunch bag then you have come to the right place. Also, if you are a nurse, nursing student or work in healthcare then you are probably always on the go. You need something that is convenient, easy to clean, lightweight, has multiple pockets, insulated and can hold a lot of food. This is also a great way to save yourself money and avoid that cafeteria. This will help your pockets and your health to make better food decisions. So lets dive in and check out these functional and cute lunch bags.

LOKASS Lunch Bag
This is my first pick because it has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon and is rated at 5 stars! That is impressive so something has to be great about this lunch bag!

Features on this bag:
– Available in multiple colors and patterns.
– Aluminum foil lining that won’t melt easily when the bag is carrying something hot.
– Bag appears small but has a large main compartment.
– Wide open design for easy access and food containers can be placed in horizontally preventing leaks and spills.
– Insulated lining can keep foods and drinks warm & fresh for 6.5 hours.
– Easy to clean.
– Built in foam lining for protection.
– Strong linen handles and heavy duty nylon connected by dense stitching that make this bag extremely durable.

Some negative features of this bag according to reviews:
– Biggest complaint is the bag is not waterproof and liquid can seep through the crevices it something spills inside.
– No solid base to the bag but is supportive.
– Some people complain that the bag is too big but this can be a great feature for long shifts.

Elvira Lunch Tote Bag
This bag is stylish and has good reviews on Amazon with over 4,000 reviews and rated with 4.7 stars. This bag is spacious and not bulky and has some great features.

Features on this bag:
– Available in multiple colors and patterns.
– Large capacity with a large main compartment to store all your food.
– Front zippered pocket and one back pocket for extra storage.
– Waterproof lining and foam for protection. This bag is easy to clean and will keep your food cold or warm for 4-6 hours.
– Made from durable material that is not easy to tear and will provide long lasting durability and use.
– Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for alternative carrying options. This is great for when you need to free up your hands.

Some negative features of this bag according to reviews:
– Biggest complaint is of the bag being thin and made of flimsy material.
– Not as colorful as pictured.

Flowish Lunch Bag
This lunch bag is insulated and keeps your food organized and meals fresh and is even foldable when not in use. Available on Amazon with over 2,00 reviews and rated at 4.6 stars out of 5.

Features on this bag:
– Available in multiple colors and designs.
– Made from highly durable, non-toxic lining and insulation that is rip resistant.
– Keep food cold for more than 9 hours when 2 ice packs are placed into the bag.
– Water resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean.
– Large size and roomy interior to store food containers.
– Multiple pockets on the side and front of the bag for extra storage.
– Removable shoulder strap that is 48″.
– Foldable, compact and lightweight.

Some negative features of this bag according to reviews:
– Biggest complaint is some people have issues with the zipper working correctly.
– Side mesh pockets can hold cans but water bottles can fall out.

This lunch bag ranks #4 on Amazon with over 19,000 reviews and 4.7 out of 5 stars! It is hard to pick a favorite pattern with this bag because the options are endless!

Features on this bag:
– Multiple stylish and trendy patterns available.
– Looks small but has a large capacity.
– Made from high quality durable material that is non-toxic and BPA free.
– Able to keep food cold or warm for up to 4 hours.
– Bag is lightweight with a padded handle to carry the bag.
– Leakproof interior and lining is easy to clean.
– Waterproof exterior material.
– One main large compartment to hold food and an extra front pocket for extra storage.

Some negative features of this bag according to reviews:
– Biggest complaint is the bag is too small.
– Poor insulation to keep food cold or warm.

Igloo Heritage Repreve Lunch Pail
Igloo is a name that has been around for years and has a good reputation. My current lung bag is Igloo brand and I have been using the same bag for years. The Repreve line is a performance fiber that is eco-friendly while still being functional.

Features on this bag:
– Material is made from repurposed discarded plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.
– Insulated liner to keep food warm or cold for hours.
– Insulated liner is leak-resistant, antimicrobial and easy to clean.
– The inside is divided into two compartments a top and bottom to keep foods separated while still providing space.
– Exterior pocket for additional storage.
– Grab handle and adjustable shoulder strap make carrying effortless and easy.
– Spacious enough to fit 16 cans (site does not specify a can size).

Some negative features of this bag according to reviews:
– Not many reviews available on this bag.
– Limited color options.
– Better option if you want to carry liquids instead of food containers.

Fit & Fresh Sanibel Lunch Tote
This lunch tote actually comes as a set which includes the tote bag, one sandwiched sized container and one cup sized container. This set has great reviews on the style of the bag and the size.

Features on this bag:
– Multiple designs available.
– This brand makes many different styles of lunch bags so there are many options available to fit your specific needs.
– Insulated interior to keep food fresh and allows easy clean up.
– Full-length zipper closure to keep items secure and allows easy access to items.
– Two handles for easy carrying.
– Large side pocket for storing a bottle.
– Comes with containers that fit into the bag.

Some negative features of this bag according to reviews:
– Most of the reviews on the website are part of a promotion so take them with caution.
– Has gaps at the end of the zipper closure.
– Bottom could be more sturdy but bag holds it shape and the contents.

I hope you found this post helpful! It is important to have a durable and functional lunch bag so you can prepare healthy meals and save yourself money by not visiting the cafeteria. So take some time and think about what features are important to you and pick out a lunch bag that works best for you! Be sure to pin this post so you can access it easily and share it with a friend if you found it helpful!

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