Building a Neutral Wardrobe

A few years ago I decided I wanted to build a neutral wardrobe. A neutral palette is versatile, timeless and you can purchase with intention. Neutral colors are stylish and easy to put together. It makes getting dressed simple and pieces fit together better. You can repeat pieces easier without someone noticing you are wearing the same piece of clothing.

What are neutral colors? If you want to be technical a neutral color is defined as without color. Think of colors like black, white, tan, beige, creams, and grays. A color can be called neutral depending on how well it can blend with other colors. Neutral colors can have undertones such a pink, green and even blue.

The great thing about fashion and color is we all have our own likes and dislikes. I like neutral colors such as white, gray, black and colors with blush pinks and muted dusky greens. Those are the pieces of clothing I tend to reach for when shopping. I even purchase my shoes, handbags and under garments in these colors. I will add pops of color or pattern in pieces such as cardigans or hats. I will purchase dresses with patterns but I try to keep the pattern or design neutral.

When I find something I love I also tend to purchase it in multiples. Especially if the items comes in the neutral colors I like. I also purchase multiples of t-shirts and long sleeve shirts in the same brand but in multiple neutral colors. A great time to purchase them is when they are on sale. I usually go to Target for basics shirts.

My wardrobe is simple but classic and that is how I like it. I do not own many clothing pieces but what I do own has lasted me a long time so far. When I started to purchase in neutrals I did a purge of my closet. I only kept a few items that were colorful that I knew I loved and would continue to wear for years. Other then what I already own I no longer purchase any items that do not fit into my color scheme. I am always working on building a more neutral closet.

Have you ever considered trying a neutral closet? I promise you it simplifies life and makes it easier. I hope you found this post helpful or insightful! Be sure to pin the image below to reference the post when you need to and share with a friend!

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