What’s In My Nursing Bag

As a nurse I like to be prepared. When I was a new nurse grad I carried a lot of stuff with me. Honestly, it was too much and became overwhelming. Over the years and with having different jobs the requirements of what I needed have changed. I currently work as a clinic nurse and carry as little as possible.

The bag that I currently use and love is the Ultimate Nursing Backpack in cheetah print. I reviewed the bag and the benefits in a previous post >>HERE<< so make sure to check that post out. The bag is versatile and has a ton of space.

First inside my bag you will find some notebooks and a binder. I turned them upside down for privacy reason to hide logos. The large blue binder was given to me when I first started my job. It has useful information about my job and educational materials for me. The same goes for the red binder. I use the small blue journal as a reference book that I keep with me while I am working. I wrote down some common information I need to reference frequently in the binder. This makes it easy for me to access important information and quickly.

Okay, these little white trays may confuse you. I work in an allergy and asthma clinic. We do allergy injections all day every day. These little while trays are what contain the needles we use. The reason I have so many and some are labeled is because I use them to help keep me organized with certain procedures. We frequently do testing on patients skin for allergies to antibiotics and venom. I keep my trays with me so I do not have to worry about having them if I need them.

The bag pictured above I got when I purchased a makeup brush set. So now I use it to hold my pens, markers, highlighters, scissors and measuring tape. I also carry a pulse oximeter with me and use it on a daily basis with my patients.

Inside my bag you will also find my stethoscope, wallet, identification badge, lip balm, lotion, cell phone charger, and masks for backup. I also keep an umbrella in my bag just in case of rain.

And there you have it. That is what I carry in my nursing bag on a daily basis. I do not carry much and like to keep it to the bare necessities. What you carry will vary depending on your job and as you learn your job more the less you will carry.

I hope you found this post helpful or interesting. I love to be nosey and see or hear what others carry! Comment below your work essentials that you carry! Make sure to pin the image below so you can reference the post when needed. Be sure to share it with a friend!

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