Never Lose Your Essentials Again

**Disclaimer: Product has been gifted. Please be aware this post including my thoughts and review are my own.**

As a healthcare provider I am all about convenience that is smart, effective and practical. I take that same thought in my personal life as well as my professional life. If your like me I also have a tendency to misplace things like my lip balm. I tend to purchase them in packs of multiples and somehow lose half of them or find them in random places. In todays world it is not only lip balm but we are all carrying around hand sanitizer as an accessory.

This is where this amazing and practical product comes into play. LippyClip is the original lip balm holder and more importantly in todays world they developed SaniClip. So not only can you keep track of your lip balm. You can also keep track of your hand sanitizer. Personally, I never go anywhere without these two essentials.

So lets talk about the brand. LippyClip was invented in 2012 by founder and CEO, Amy Gabriel. I was surprised and excited to read that she was a pediatric nurse prior to starting this business. She had a dream to create her own handmade business and that dream became a reality for her in 2012. Today her business is 100% women owned and operated. All products are handmade by women in the USA from their own homes. Her story is truly inspiring.

So what is a LippyClip? It is a handmade sewn product perfectly designed to hold a standard sized lip balm and easily attaches to your keys or handbag. The product is designed to make your life easier by eliminating the frustration of rummaging through your belongings looking for lip balm. The LippyClip can hold any 0.15 oz. lip balm and brands such as Blistex, Chapstick and Burt’s Bees.

The brand also has a product called SaniClip which is perfect during this pandemic. You do not always have access to water and soap to wash your hands so many people are carrying around hand sanitizer. This item is available in multiple sizes. The mini size holds a 1 oz. bottle, standard size holds a 2 oz. bottle and the jumbo size holds a 2 oz. spray bottle of sanitizer. Pictured above is the standard size bottle.

All their products come with clips so you can easily attach the item to your keys or bag. I opted to add them to my keyring for easy access and they do not weigh down my keyring or take up a lot of space. Another great idea is to attach them to your badge reels for work or to your diaper bags when your on outings with your little ones.

Overall, I was very impressed with these clever products. It is a simple product but solves a common problem and makes access to my essentials easier. I also am all about supporting small business and love that this was created by a woman and she is helping other women by creating jobs. This item makes a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for anybody in your life. They will love the practicality that this product offers.

I hope you found this post helpful! Have you ever heard of LippyClip? Share your thoughts in the comment section! Be sure to pin the image below to reference the post when you need to and share with a friend if you thought it was helpful!

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