iTrackBites 30 Day Review

I have been on a journey to lose weight and get healthy. Today happens to mark one month of following iTrackBites so I wanted to share what the app is all about and how it has been working for me and how I have been able to lose 8 pounds so far!

About iTrackBites
The iTrackBits application is easy to use and very similar to weight watchers. In fact, I have done weight watchers many times in the past and was going to rejoin until I discovered iTrackBites. I chose iTrackBites due to the cost. I signed up during a promotion and paid $29.99 for a whole year. Please note you do not have to actually pay to use this application! I signed up for the pro version to have access to a community, recipes and other useful resources. Also, if you use the free version you will not have access to all six of their available plans but you can still find something that should work for you. On the application you can log your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can also track your activity and health checks. Health checks are water, fruits and veggies, dairy, lean protein, oil, whole grains and multivitamin. From the screenshot below you can see I have access to tracking my food, recipes and an online community. The community is a great resource to find others who are all focused on their health.

Here is what my main screen looks like when I open the app.

How It Works
Every food is assigned a “bite” score. These bites are specifically calculated based on the plan that you choose and the nutritional aspect of that food. The goal is to stick to low bite foods. The higher the bite then you probably should not be consuming that food. Depending on the plan you follow there will be foods with zero bites. This means they have no value and will not effect your daily bites. These are foods you want to eat more of because they are probably what you should be eating. There are three different forms of “bite allowance”. The first is your daily allowance. This is how many bites you are allowed to have that day. The plan also gives you a weekly allowance. This is there for you when you need to go over your daily bites. Lastly, there are activity bites. These are bites you can gain when you workout.

Here you can see my daily allowance, weekly allowance, and activity bites.

How to Track
Every bite of food that goes into you mouth needs to be tracked. Tracking is easy and you have access to a barcode scanner and restaurant guide. The app even allows voice integration so you can tell the app what you ate. I have not used this feature. You also have access to a calculator to figure out how many bites are in a food if you cannot find it in the search engine. You will need the nutritional value of the food to use the calculator. I usually stick to the barcode scanner and the calculator. Your calculator will vary on how it calculates depending on the plan you are following.

Choose a Plan
The great thing about iTrackBites is there are 6 different plans to choose from and each one comes with a guide! This is amazing because we all have different goals and struggles. When I started my weight loss journey I started out with a different plan until I found the one that works for me. I am following the Carb Conscious plan. So lets talk about the different plans.

Carb Conscious (Low Carb)
This plan focuses on limiting the amounts of simple carbohydrates you consume. This plan is made for people who crave foods like bread, cereals and pasta. The goal is to eat higher fiber and more complex carbohydrates. Here is a link to the guide for more information. >>Carb Conscious Guide<<

Sugar Smart (Low Sugar)
This plan focuses on kicking your sugar habit and making healthier options. Designed for people who eat fast food often and who overeat sweets. This plan is also great for those who have a fast paced lifestyle and do not have time to cook at home. Here is a link to the guide for more information. >>Sugar Smart Guide<<

Calorie Command (Portion Control)
This plan is more simple and straight forward. There are no bites involved. The plan is based on counting calories. This is perfect for people who already eat healthy but want to lose weight and focus on numbers. This plan will give you the most flexibility and options but it is up to you to count your calories and make smart healthy choices. Here is a link to the guide for more information. >>Calorie Command Guide<<

Keeping Keto (High Fat and Low Carb)
This plan focuses more on eating protein rich fatty foods and very low carb. This is great for someone who is focused on lowering their blood sugar and focus more on fat and ketones. Here is a link to the guide for more information. >>Keeping Keto Guide<<

Better Balance (Low Processed Foods)
The focus of this plan is to bring awareness and focus on the foods you are choosing to consume. The goals is to prioritize healthy eating and choose fresh whole foods over highly processed foods and snacks. This plan is perfect is you are trying to seek a healthier relationship with food and learn what is better for your body. Here is a link to the guide for more information.>>Better Balance<<

Conquer Cravings (Portion Control)
This plan teaches you to satisfy your cravings while using portion control and developing balance in your diet. You can enjoy everything you want but in moderation. This plan is perfect for those who have a tendency to sit down and eat a while bag of chips or if you crave snacks after a meal. Here is a link to the guide for more information. >>Conquer Cravings<<

The great thing with these plans is if you start one and you find it is not the best fit then you can try another one until you find the one that works for you. I started out with using conquer cravings but decided to switch to carb conscious and that has been working for me.

Personally, I have not reached out to any coaches but they are there if you need them. This is a great resource and they are there to answer any questions, concerns and support you on your journey.

So lets get down to it and what I think about iTrackBites. Well, if you made it this far then you can probably tell that I love the app! I follow the carb conscious plan and track my meals and snacks everyday. It has been a struggle to stay on track some days but the online community and my support system at home has allowed me to push through the hard days. I am not going to lie that it has been extremely hard and some days I feel like I have no options as to what I can eat. This is why you have to be creative and focus on those low bite foods. I still drink my wine on the weekends but I use my weekly allowance and I measure out my glass. I measure everything I eat to make sure I am staying within my portions. As of writing this post I am down 8 pounds within my first month. Overall, I am very impressed with this app and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a weight loss plan. I have every intention to continue with this plan and make this a lifestyle.

Are you a member of Weight Watchers or another weight loss plan and want to try something different? Tell me your thoughts and questions in the comment section! Be sure to pin the image below to reference the post when you need to and share with a friend if you thought it was helpful! Follow me on Instagram to see my progress!

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