How to Buy Designer Handbags

Kate Spade first started back in 1993 and has since stood the test of time. Their handbags and accessories are timeless, fashionable and always trendy. They have a wide selection of shoulder bags, cross bodies, totes, wallets, clothing and jewelry. You are guaranteed to find a piece you will fall in love with.

So lets get down to money. Their bags are not cheap but I will be the first to tell you they are worth the cost for the quality and timelessness of their pieces. Prices for their bags can range from $100-$500 which is a pretty penny for some people.

So you decided you want to invest in a bag and you want a Kate Spade bag. So you go to their websites and see how much they cost. You can sign up for their newsletter and they will give you a discount code for 10% off. Not bad but you can save even more money by following my tips below. I use these tips and this is the way I have purchased all of my Kate Spade handbags.

Kate Spade Outlet Stores
Many of these stores carry factory outlet handbags. These are said to be made with lower quality materials but personally I can not tell the difference. Many of the bags I own are from the outlet and I have had these bags for years. They are withstanding the test of time and the quality is exceptional. The pieces remain timeless, classic and in style. You can also find current trending items in the outlet stores. To find an outlet store near you just google “Kate Spade Outlet Stores”.

Kate Spade Surprise
This is a Kate Spade website that has flash sales. Yes, this is a legit site and I have purchased from them in the past. It is operated by Kate Spade and the items are reduced in price and are similar to the outlet store items. You can find all the same items like handbags, jewelry and clothes. Please note that you are not able to return items once they are purchased. Flash sales can last from one to five days.

Department Stores
When I say department stores I am talking about stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross. Yes you can also go to places like Macys but they will not have the same discounts. I have never purchased a bag from one of these department stores but I see them often when I am browsing. Their stocks rotate frequently so if you see a bag you love make sure you grab it quick.

So those are my big tips and how I purchase my Kate Spade handbags. The quality of the bags is amazing and will last you for years. This is a great way to buy a quality piece that will be timeless while saving yourself some money.

I hope this post gave you some insight on how to purchase designer bags! Be sure to pin the image to reference the post when you need to and share with a friend if you thought it was helpful!

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  1. shadda February 28, 2021 / 1:47 am

    Great article, thanks for the info!


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