Small Businesses To Support & Shop: Beyond The Nurses’ Station

I am very excited to be sharing this small business with you today! This a new business by my Instagram friend Tiffany. Yes we met through Instagram and she is one awesome person! I am so proud of her!

Beyond the Nurses’ Station is a female, black owned lifestyle brand. Her mission is “To empower, motivate, and create a homeostatic lifestyle that supports healthcare professionals in and out of scrubs”. She has created a lifestyle brand that endorses and supports diversity, strength and empowerment. I love how she has incorporated healthcare and lifestyle because we are more than just our profession.

I was waiting by my computer when she launched because I knew she was going to be popular and sell fast. I purchased the Periodic Healer Pin and Healthcare Professionals for Black Lives Matter Pin. I love that she designed the pins and the quality is amazing. They are high quality and durable. I was very impressed with the quality when I felt the pins.

Tiffany also has great attention to detail. The back of each pin has her business name initials engraved. She thought of everything when it came to making her product. I can not wait to add these to my badge and show them off. I look forward to seeing where her brand goes and the future pins she creates. Make sure to check her out and support her cause.

You can find Beyond the Nurses’ Station by clicking the links below:

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