Boston Terrier Puppy’s First Snow Day

When I heard we were going to have a snowstorm I was ecstatic. Honestly, I felt like a little kid all over again. One because we have not had a real snow fall in a very long time. Second, because our puppy Millie would get to experience snow for the first time! I was excited to see how she would respond. Would she love it or hate it? What made the day even better was my husband and I both had off from work due to the storm. So a snow day for the whole family!

So in the morning I dressed Millie in her winter coat that she hates. Yes, she hates it but she looks adorable and I want to make sure she is protected. Off we went and I was very excited to see that she loved it! I was able to take a bunch of photos to cherish the moment and then I let her loose to play. Do not mind the crazy hair. The winds were gusty and I took whatever I could get.

Millie was running around like crazy. When she would run she would kick the snow up and try to catch it with her mouth. She also likes to eat the snow and seems confused about why there is so much. I let her play for a little while then we came inside. She loved the snow so much that she kept wanting to go around. At one point I even let her on the deck and she kept busy doing zoomies. I had to keep and eye on her because she wanted to stay out here so long even though she was visibly shivering. She does not realize that she needs to come inside and take a break from the cold.

I purchased a pet keepsake paw imprint ornament and thought that it was the perfect day to make it. You can find these anywhere. I purchased mines from TJ Max for $4.99. I wish I would have thought of these earlier because I would have done this when we first bought her home. Her paws were so small and adorable.

The directions are simple and it takes minutes to make this keepsake item. Thankfully, Millie cooperated and I got it done in one try. The finished product has to sit and dry for at least 48 hours. So once it is all done and hardened I will make sure to post a finished photo on my Instagram.

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