My Mug Collection

For a while now I have had a slight obsession with coffee mugs. I guess this goes along with my love for coffee. I have collected a few over the past few years and thought it would a great time to share them with you. I will be honest and say I have slowed down my purchasing of mugs because I lack the kitchen space for their storage. Also, how many mugs can one person have!?

Coffee mugs also make the perfect gift for any occasion. If you have a coffee lover, tea lover or even hot chocolate lover they would appreciate a mug as a gift. My favorites come from Target, Starbucks and Amazon. Also, check out your local Ross, Marshalls and TJ Max because they always have a great variety.

My most recent mug purchase is this cute black Santa mug I randomly found one day while in Walmart. I walked by and it caught my eye. I had to have it. I do not often see black Santa items and have never seen a mug. So when I saw this I had to have it and it has been getting plenty of daily use.

I placed all of my coffee mugs on my kitchen island. I do not have a large kitchen so my space is limited. I would say I have a good variety.

My favorite mugs are ones that being memories. My sister made me this mug with photos of us both and it is one of my favorite. I also purchase a mug every time I travel to a new location because it brings me memories of fun times. I currently have mugs from Aruba and Las Vegas. I have one mug Starbucks from Illinois that a friend sent to me as a gift when she moved. Another one of my favorites is from my husband that came delivered and was filled with flowers. Most of my mugs have memories attached to them.

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