Time For All Things Pumpkin

Fall officially starts today and I have already been going all in on all things pumpkin. Yes, I am that basic women who goes crazy when pumpkin spice hits the shelves. This year I have consumed more pumpkin in my whole life before Autumn has even begun.

I decided to curate a list of the amazing pumpkin items I have tried to far this season. I am sure there is more to come before pumpkin season fizzles out.

It all started with coffee. My husband purchased this Starbucks Fall variety pack for the house because he knows how much I love coffee and Fall. You can find this on Amazon. It has been a great way to taste their Fall flavors.

Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer. This is a must for the Fall season as well. I love this coffee creamer. I actually used it in the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice coffee and it actually was not a good combo. I am not sure if they flavors just did not go well or they canceled each other out because my coffee ended up not tasting like pumpkin. So I do not recommend mixing the two.

My husband and I love visiting a local cupcake small business because they make amazing cupcakes. We decided to pick some up and of course I had to try a pumpkin cupcake.

I have visited Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks about a million times. I actually do not drink the PSL from Starbucks. Instead I go for the Pumpkin cream cold brew. I think it is so much better than the PSL. At Dunkin I usually get a hot pumpkin spice with just cream but I have tried the iced pumpkin coffee. I need to try some more pumpkin varieties from both places.

I will admit I ate all eight donuts myself…I have no shame. They were delicious. I also have made pumpkin cookies but they did not last long enough for a photo. My bad.

This pumpkin waffle was delicious as well. This was from a local small owned diner. I have to have either a pumpkin waffle or pumpkin pancakes at least once this season.

Yes…more food. My husband and I were having dinner and a commercial came on for Dairy Queen seasonal blizzards. So we went out after dinner and treated ourselves. Of course I got the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard and it was worth it! So yummy. I love ice cream and it is my weakness.

I was surprised when my husband wanted to pick up some pumpkin beer. He is not a fan of all things pumpkin and he will only eat pumpkin pie. This beer even reminded us both of pumpkin pie because of the sweetness. Surprisingly, my husband liked it. This is something I can only drink 1-2 of because of the sweetness but it is delicious chilled.

I had to include Millie in all things pumpkin. I picked up this toy for her from Marshalls. I may even make her some homemade pumpkin biscuits this week and see how she likes them. Might as well include all family members even the dog! Happy Pumpkin season everyone!

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