Small Businesses To Support & Shop: SkyeLight Living

Small businesses are an essential part of the economy and promote competition. They offer more selection, personalized items and face to face conversations. Shopping from a small business gives me a feeling of supporting my local community and getting to know someone who is doing what they love. I have always tried to shop small but it can be easy to fall away from this. So, recently I have made an effort to purposely start shopping small. If you are in need of an item or want a specific item take time to research who you can support instead of running to a big box store.

All that being said each month I will be highlighting a small business on the blog. Maybe even more then one a month. I know some great small businesses out there who deserve some recognition.

This month we are highlighting a small business called SkyeLight Living. I found this business through Instagram. Hint Hint…Instagram is a great resource to locate some great small businesses.

Who They Are?

SkyeLight Living was established in November 2019 in North Carolina. They specialize in handmade handcrafted soy wax candles made with natural materials. They are quickly becoming popular and I was so excited to make my first purchase.

First Impressions

If you do not know me I am obsessed with coffee. So when I saw the candle Brewed Awakening I had to have it! My package was delivered quickly and on time. My first impression was how protected and how much packing there was in the box. They do not mess around and it was amazing. The scent hit me as I was unpacking my candle. Sent me straight to heaven.

At first I thought the candle was small because it is 8 ounces…but after burning it for the past few weeks it is more than enough. This candle has burned perfectly and seems to be lasting for a long time. I was sent instructions on how to care for the candle and so far it has burned great. No tunneling and it is lasting longer then my other candles. Plus, the smell is delicious.

I love this candle so much that my husband even went to check out the website. He said he wants to buy some for me as a gift and that he enjoys the candle as well.

SkyeLight Living Social Platforms

2 thoughts on “Small Businesses To Support & Shop: SkyeLight Living

  1. Miki Esme September 21, 2020 / 8:35 am

    Very Cute candle ! Thanks for sharing~


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