How Many Years Will My Eyeshadow Collection Last?

While going through my collection I discovered ladies who created Youtube videos about how many years of certain products they owned. I thought this would be a fun quick project for me to complete. I picked eyeshadows because I own more of them than any other makeup item. I will admit I own a lot of other items in multiples such as foundation, blush and highlighters but my largest collection is eyeshadow. I also learned that many of my palettes contain very similar colors. Honestly, they all look the same.

I was able to locate an Excel spreadsheet >>HERE<< and this is what I used to determine how many years. You will need to know the number of pans in each palette and how many ounces are in each pan. The palette themselves should give you this information or you can search online. I can not tell you if this is an accurate formula but I think it gives a good estimate to inform you how much makeup you own and how long it would take you to use it up.

Once I filled in my information my total was 21 years!! I will never be able to use all my eyeshadows up before they go bad. This was a great reminder to the excess I own and that I do not need to purchase any more eyeshadows…..ever or at least until these are all used up or bad.

2 thoughts on “How Many Years Will My Eyeshadow Collection Last?

    • Rebekah Taylor September 22, 2020 / 8:07 pm

      I am not an expert so I can only guess but I believe it averages 1-2 years. But I do not go by that. I have eyeshadow from 7 years ago that I refuse to toss.

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