Pan That Palette 2020

My palette of choice is the Naked Original Palette. I chose this one because it is the oldest one in my collection and I actually love the color story. My goal is to see how much of the palette I can go through in the next 12 months. The shades in this palette are neutral and can be worn easily on a daily basis or a more dressed up look. I will be documenting my progress here on the blog and my social media.

I purchased this palette back in 2013 to be used for my wedding makeup. So I have had this palette for 7 years and still have not hit pan on any of the shades! I wear makeup a lot more now so I am hoping to hit pan on a few of the shades by the end of the year. I think I can accomplish this! I do hear it can be hard to hit pan on eyeshadows but since I can pull off so many looks I think I can do it.

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