July Favorites: What I’m Loving Now

I purchased this candle while at a market with my sister. This candle smells amazing! The scent I picked up is Jasmine Honey and I could sit and sniff this thing all day! Plus, the wick is made from wood so it will crackle when it burns. I have never had a candle like this before so I was excited to purchase this. This Brooklyn boutique is called Brooklyn Essence and they produce all natural candles and skin care. They carry certified organic and all natural body moisturizers, organic candles and body scrubs.

I am a sucker for anything rose gold. Add an inspirational mantra and I am sold! I was silently stalking this seller on Instagram and finally decided to make a purchase. The girl boss behind this product is Nichole and her brand is named NTS Bracelets. It stands for Note To Self and it will leave you feeling inspired! I love the meaning behind her brand and she is such an inspiration to ambitious women. I am silently a huge fan of hers. She only opens her shop every Friday – Sunday so make sure you grab yourself one quick.

If you were wondering what that big blue random object was in the picture above….it is a collapsible dog bath. I love my dog but hate paying to get him groomed because it can be expensive. It is also hard for me to try and groom him at home and I refuse to put him in my tub. So I figured why not get him his own tub! I was not disappointed with this purchase. He fits in it perfectly, it contains a non-slip bottom, it collapses to a compact 2.4 inches thin when not in use and has a drain plug to easily empty the water. So now bath time is much easier for us both!

When I purchased the dog bath my first thoughts were…How the heck am I going to get my dog to actually stay inside the tub! He hates baths and I do not want to have to struggle with him. Then I found the AquaPaw and this is seriously the best thing I have ever purchased for my dog! You smear peanut butter over this thing and suction it to a wall and it keeps your dog occupied while you bath them. Now it does not suction to the tub I purchased so instead I use a food clip and clip it to the rim and it holds in place. I have used this thing so many times already for him. Not only when I bathe him but also when we have company over to distract him and it works wonders.

I found this product in the dollar spot at Target. I am pretty sure you can not purchase these items online because I was unable to find it. Make sure you always check out the dollar spot when you go to Target because you can find some great items. I have been wanting a makeup cleansing pad but they can be pricey and I refuse to spend that kind of money. I came across this for $3 and grabbed it fast and it works great. It suctions to the sink and I can clean my brushes quick and easy. This was a great find and purchase.

I am no makeup expert but I wanted some new makeup brushes since I was using the same ones for way too long. I also did not want to spend a lot of money and brushes can be pricey. I was looking for affordable and good quality. I found this BH Cosmestics Crystal Quartz Brush Set at Ulta and love them. This set comes with 12 brushes and they are even labeled with a number and what their purpose is. The set came with a cute iridescent zip-top case brush bag. The brushes are soft and blend my makeup perfectly.

I love to create and craft and have always hated making pom poms. There are so many ways you can make them but I found them all annoying. So I went and purchased this pom pom maker and it is awesome. It makes making pom poms so easy and you can make them so fast. I have already created a few cute projects and have some more awesome ones planned. Be on the look out for some straw pom pom bags in the future! I found this product on Amazon and it is a great price. Also, it makes four different sizes so you can make so many nice projects in all sizes.

My husband actually found this item and he has been using it for a while. He purchased me one because I kill my cell phone battery fast. This phone charger is one of the best I have ever had. It fast charges my battery and I can charge two devices at once. It is compatible with just about every phone out there and it came with a cord as well. I use this thing all the time and you can not beat the price!

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