June Favorites: What I’m Loving Now

I love this bath brush and picked it up at Walmart. I need a pouf because I love to wash with lots of lather and this brush is perfect. The handle is great for those hard to reach places and get cleansed all over. Plus the price point is great.


My husband and I are obsessed with Method products. We use all their cleaning products, hand soaps and body wash. I love that their products are naturally derived and the scents are amazing. This stuff leaves my skin soft and smelling great. It is my go to body wash! A little goes a long way and the bottle last me such a long time! The extra money is worth it for this product.


This is a classic that everybody should have in their home. I recently just started using  Ponds Cold Cream again. I was trying different eye creams and they dried my under eye area so bad! So I picked this up and started using it again and within a few days my skin was soft and supple again! This stuff is great to remove makeup and it moisturizes so well! I will always keep a jar of this in my home.


This is the first liquid eyeliner I have ever used and I am obsessed! This IsaDora eyeliner goes on smoothly, applies easily and dries nicely. It really makes my eyes pop and I could not believe how easy it was to use! The great thing about this is it is waterproof but comes off easily with makeup remover.


I love to diffuse oils in my house and now I can in my car! You just hook this little guy to the USB in your car and it lasts for hours. Such a great way to get my car smelling nice and enjoy a relaxing drive before heading to work and it fits right in the cup holder. My favorite oils to use are lemon or lavender. If you are driving at night you can have the diffuser light up with different colors. This was a great purchase that I will get lots of use out of.


My husband and I are behind the times and a few months ago we purchased a Keurig. We also purchased some cheap reusable cups so that we could save money on Kcups because they are pricey. We quickly learned the ones we purchased were junk. So we decided to pick up two Keurig My K-Cups since they are made for the machine. They are amazing! No more watered down coffee and they fit in the machine perfectly. They were a little pricey but they are worth it because you are using it so many times. In the end it will save you money on that coffee.


Being a nurse, I am on my feet a lot and I need to wear compression socks. I get all my compression’s from NurseMates and I love their selection! They have so many cute pairs. I currently own five of them! They help increase circulation and prevent swelling. They are great for so many occasions and not only nurses! You can even save 15% off any purchase with code REBEKAHxNM and this code is good or all of 2019! So go get yourself a pair!

Until next month! Let me know in the comments below some of your favorites from June! I am always looking for great finds and products to try out. 

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