Selling Back Textbooks

Textbook Selling Tips

  • Sell to fellow students. Many times while in nursing school I would buy books from the class ahead of me. It was a cheaper and easier way to get the books I needed for the upcoming semester.
  • Sell back to the school. If you buy books from your college bookstore you can usually sell them back to them. I have learned over the years though that these bookstores were expensive to buy from and barely paid well when returning books. But you might as well check all your options.
  • Sell Online. I have personally sold books back to two companies. Chegg and Textbook Recycling. When picking a company make sure to compare payback prices. Some companies may not pay you anything for a book while another will. A great website to use to compare companies is Book Scouter.
  • Check the condition of the book. Most buyback sites only accept used textbooks that are in good condition or better. So make sure your book has minimal highlighting and damage.
  • Supplemental Materials. Some buyback sites won’t buy your book if it is missing the supplemental materials. You can even get a higher price if you have these materials.  Either way, check the companies policies before sending your book back to make sure you are getting the buyback price you are quoted.

And if buying books is too expensive for you then think about renting. This is usually a cheaper option and you return the book when you are done.


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