60 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am no spring chicken…let’s just say I am in my thirties. I believe you are never too old to pursue your dream career.
  2. I worked as a medical assistant for 7 years before entering nursing school.
  3. I am addicted to coffee. Particularly Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.
  4. I try to avoid going to Target solo because I want all the things.
  5. I am always cold.
  6. I use to have a crafting blog.
  7. I love DIY projects.
  8. My favorite colors are rose gold, white and pink.
  9. I collect coffee mugs and cups.
  10. I can kill any plant. I have a black thumb or as I like to say a necrotic black thumb.
  11. I love surgery and hope to one day work in the operating room.
  12. I am married to an amazing man.
  13. I like…scratch that…I love to sleep.
  14. I am terrified of bees.
  15. I had braces twice.
  16. I can not wink for the life of me.
  17. My husband and I have the same birth date.
  18. I hate shopping for clothes.
  19.  If people got paid for worrying, I would be filthy rich.
  20. I can not stand drinking regular milk. I think it is nasty.

  21. I do not really watch television at all. (but sometimes I binge watch)
  22. When I do watch television I watch adult cartoons.
  23. If someone makes me laugh real hard I start coughing and then well…lets just say I can cough myself to throwing up. I am weird I know!
  24. I am afraid of heights. I had a panic attack on the a Ferris wheel.
  25. I have two tattoos and plan to get another one once I graduate nursing school.
  26. I have low self esteem but I am working on that whole self love concept.
  27. I bite my nails when I am stressed. It is a bad habit. Plus I am always stressed.
  28. I hate to cook and I suck at it but I have been working on this.
  29. I like to shop at thrift stores cause you never know what you will find.
  30. I curse like a sailor.
  31. I like to act weird.
  32. My favorite outfit consist of jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. I am very casual.
  33. My favorite season is Spring..maybe because I was born in May.
  34. I make my bed every morning. I feel like a made bed gets me a good start on the day.
  35. I love everything Kate Spade.
  36. I love to crochet and made blankets, hats, cozies and just about anything  I can.
  37. I use to sell my creations on Etsy but quit to focus more time on nursing school.
  38. I played the violin for about a week.
  39. I have a jug dog. He is a mix of pug and jack russell.

  40. I am a Gemini and trust me it fits me well.
  41. I have never had surgery.
  42. The only bone I have ever broken was my toe from running into a bed post.
  43. I am not a fan of Apple or their products.
  44. I secretly wish I was a fashion blogger.
  45. I love 80’s music and movies.
  46. I am an organizational freak.

  47. I do not believe in ghosts.
  48. I love going to comedy shows.
  49. I do not like horses. I had a bad experience with one. The horse almost knocked me off.
  50. I am an introvert.
  51. I hate writing papers and public speaking.
  52. I love all types of chocolate. This includes white, milk and dark chocolate.
  53. I like Diet Pepsi.
  54. I had a pet rooster named Chris as a child.
  55. I hate math. I use to be really bad but nursing school has helped me in this area.
  56. I do not like to wear heels.
  57. I love the smell of coffee, gasoline and freshly cut grass.
  58. My best friend is my older sister.
  59. I am technologically challenged.
  60. I love to snack on Goldfish. If you leave me alone I will eat the whole bag.

Well there you have it! I guess the magical number is sixty. That was harder than I thought it was. I would love to hear a random fact about you so comment below so we can get to know each other a little bit better.


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