ADN vs. BSN: Your Guide to Earning A Nursing Degree

BSN is a Bachelors of Science in Nursing while an ADN is an Associates Degree in Nursing. Both of these degrees will lead you to getting your RN but there are some difference between the two that you need to know about before deciding which one works best for you. The biggest difference is the amount of time the program lasts and the amount of credits needed to graduate. Both the ADN and the BSN will contain the core classes needed to work as a RN. The BSN contains additional classes that are meant to teach the student about professional development and a deeper understanding of issues affecting patient care and healthcare. Many hospitals now require you to have a BSN to work, but there are still many employment opportunities for the ADN nurse.

The Advantages of a BSN

This level of education allows more opportunities for employment and increased responsibility and progression in your career. It also allows for professional certification in specialty areas of nursing practice. It also provides a foundation for graduate education.

The Advantages of the ADN

This is a great starting point for a career in nursing. This route is great for someone who has a family or who is an older student. You can quickly get your degree then start your career as a nurse from there you can work on furthering your education. If that is something you wish to pursue. This route is also much cheaper. Remember though that your salary and job choices will be more limited and the trend is now to obtain a BSN.

Two Paths, One Destination

Take your time when looking into degrees and program. Figure out what works best for you and your current situation. There is no right or wrong way and one is not better than the other. Set clear goals and this will help guide your educational path.

xoxoxo Rebekah

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